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We often wonder how certain places are designed with all the right elements in place. A hotel in classical style with the ambience of a palace or a hospital with the look and feel of a resort—everything seems harmonious only when the right things are placed in the right setting.

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A theme or concept is therefore an idea that gets translated into physical form. So where do get your ideas from? The obvious choice for most of us is the internet! What if you desire to create something unique that matches your personality as well as suits your lifestyle? The answer to this is to introspect and identify the themes you associate with.

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It is pointless going with the classical decorating style with symmetry all around, forcing yourself to remain disciplined while in reality you are just the opposite. This will give you no joy. Create an ambience that you’ve always longed for. As a professional designer, I have always maintained that budget is not a constraint in creating the desired effect. Let us look at some examples here:

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If you are a passionate traveller and love collecting souvenirs, those could provide a starting point. Build up your theme around a particular object picked up from your favourite destination. Choose colours, patterns etc that will evoke the feel of the place. A living room could be inspired by Paris and have an achromatic colour scheme with gold and lime green accents. The advantage of keeping your decorating colour scheme neutral and accentuating it with other colours of your choice is that you can do away with the monotony of the scheme by periodically changing the accents.

Hotel Fox featured on Prismma

Hotel Fox featured on Prismma

One disadvantage of a theme based room is that over a period of time you may find it boring, more so if you are the type who loves change. Rooms done up to mimic your dream destination could help you relive your travels, bringing back all the memories associated with it.

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The design of a bohemian bathroom can incorporate classic as well as contemporary elements. The colour scheme needs to be vibrant yet relaxing. A contemporary bathtub can add an element of surprise to the otherwise classic decor. Complex patterns and warm colours can even be brought in using a mughal era inspired jaali. Such themes are hard to come by as they are quite personalised.

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Do a thorough research before designing global themes. Locally handcrafted products play a very important role in adding the right elements to your decor. Handcrafted textiles, sculptures, carpets, mirror frames and other accessories help in infusing the charm of a particular location into the setting.

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Details with respect to walls, flooring and ceiling should be taken into consideration as well. For example, in a Tuscany inspired room—stone, sunshine and roughly plastered walls are some important features.

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Let us now shift our focus to a more generic style. A sunny beach concept where blue, obviously, is the colour choice. Alternately, a beach concept could be translated into a cloudy one with tints of grey.

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For example, you could have a classic dining area inspired by an artist’s collection. Or a country style bathroom in a rustic setting inspired by the bougainvillea.

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There are times when a particular object catches your eye and you pick it up impulsively. In such instances, you could treat that object as your inspiration and weave your design scheme around it.


Working on theme based designs is not only fun but enlightening as well, as a lot of research is necessary to perfect it. Online shopping has made it easier to get your requirements. Even a small foyer can be transformed by designing thematically. The desire for a theme based space could spur you on to transform even your garage.

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indian design bloggerVasudha Narasimhan is a fun loving person who has a great passion for the most creative things in life. She did a 2 year Diploma in Interior Design from Ireland and is now a freelancer. She also teaches at various design institutes and conducts workshops on specific design concepts.

She runs the popular blog – Cherishing Spaces

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