Indian Home Design: Shubashree Balakumar’s slice of India in Connecticut

traditional indian home design

Indian Home Design


We brought you Shubashree’s home as a part of the stylish home contest, a while ago. Here, we share her story on designing and decorating her home in Connecticut, USA.


As you will see, she has created a wonderful home with much love and care. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did !


I am a Kamilian ( Tam Bram born and brought up in namma Bengalooru.Part-time architect by profession and a full time mom . I have been in Connecticut for the last 12 years and 10 years in our home. We have a ranch-style home around 2000 square feet. The house is around 40 years old .

living room design

I have been collecting stuff since childhood. I am very possessive about all my collections. Some are from my grandmother, great-grandmother and a lot was picked up when Appa travelled. The brass collection is from a Sunday market in Bangalore and some of the pawn shops in Kumbakonam. I also go around in our village asking for old utensils during my trips to India.


The house was in a move-in condition but there was this wow factor that was missing. It lacked storage space , the walls had wallpaper, and the kitchen was in a bad shape.


I had to make it into a place that appealed to me and hence all the renovations were done over the last couple of years. My schooling and profession taught me to be very methodical. I always start by sketching my ideas to put my thoughts in order, do my research about materials and then implement my work.



I am a typical girl who loves to shop, shop and shop. Just kidding! I am not that spoilt. But shopping is definitely only of my hobbies. I love dogs but have none. I only baby-sit them when people ask me.


I call myself very handy….I can do pergo wooden floors, tile floors, run a saw, use a nail-gun, frame walls and sheetrock and tape them too pretty decent.I can paint walls and on canvas too.



I love to cook and I find that it is the best way for me to de-stress. If you are looking for south Indian snacks like muruku, thatte, sheede, ompudi, nadapakodam my kitchen is the best place. My son calls me the best cook ever.


Ideally, I would have loved to bring in furniture from India, from Karaikudi to be precise, because I feel that suits my personality. But I am also attracted to clean modern lines. All my furniture is from IKEA…I love that store. When we bought our house I had everything to decorate it but no furniture, so Ikea was the best solution.


13 responses to “Indian Home Design: Shubashree Balakumar’s slice of India in Connecticut”

  1. suni says:

    Hi – where are the ganesha sketches from?


  2. Nidhi Bajpai says:

    Lovely,infact grand puja room which very few houses have.
    Pl let me know if you wud like to add a beautiful carpet to your house.We are manufacturing n exporting for last 40 years. Recently cum up with a retail store exclusively for Carpets in Noida.

  3. alison says:

    beautiful home. i like the way she decorated it

  4. jayanti says:

    Nice house. Realy liked the kitchen and the staircase design

  5. Priya says:

    Hi there … I just chanced upon this website and saw pics of your very beautiful home. Every pic shows the love and warmth with which you setup your home. Some of the pieces are just beautiful!
    Loved your collection of Ganesha paintings, pics and idols! I collect them too but have them all in a corner showcase. You have inspired me to showcase them a lil differently … maybe through out my home :)

  6. swati seth says:

    It is visible how much love & effort you’ve put in this beautiful home, Shubha. I wish i could just step into this beautiful home via my laptop :)
    It’s really gorgeous. One of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen.:)

  7. Kala says:

    What a lovely home, so warm and inviting. I enjoyed checking out your personal touch in every corner of your beautiful home:)

  8. Divya@SHP says:

    Shuba- Have always been a big fan of all the lovely stuff you’ve collected. Absolutely loved going through them- I actually flipped over some pages TWICE! :)

  9. Nayana says:

    lovely home… how you have added color…

  10. rama ananth says:

    Very beautiful. You not only shared your house with us but also many things about yourself too.

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