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 India Design Blog: Of Indian origin

Started in July 2010, Of Indian Origin celebrates creative work by artists and designers in India — body, mind or soul. With an aim to show the world what contemporary Indian art and design is really all about. OIO features the best talent in the various art and design forms. It also has a section for student features to encourage upcoming stars. Due to the increasing demand for products from the featured artists on the blog, Shop Of Indian Origin was recently launched as an extension to the blog.

Born into an Indian naval family, I travelled and lived in various parts of India experiencing the various cultures along the way. On completion of my postgraduate degree in advertising and marketing, I joined advertising agencies like MAA Bozell and O&M where I worked with some of the best creative talents around. This is where I met my partner for life.

Blogging adventure

After getting married to my colleague and best friend, we moved to London, a melting pot of cultures where I am constantly exposed to design styles from various countries. I noticed that the perception of Indian art and design was ridden with clichés. That was how ‘Of Indian Origin’ was conceptualised, aiming to showcase Indian design and art in a contemporary context.

The blogging adventure has been great. I joined the blogging world quite late. I never really thought I could write, it was my husband who actually pushed me into starting a blog. Within a week I was hooked, it became an addiction.

Now, I love every moment of it, from experiencing the varied and wonderful creative work to meeting and interacting with such talented people. I have also made some wonderful friends in the process. So it is all great!

Tips for small space decor

Our landlord has decided to sell the property so we are forced to live in a very constrained surrounding for a while before we find a property we actually like. Hence, I thought it might be best to talk about five tips to survive in a small space:

1. De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter – The most obvious and the most important point is to have less stuff around the house. Recycle or consider giving away to charity, it makes you feel better and keeps the home in a more organised state.

2. Choose dual-purpose furniture – The more you can do with less – the better. You could use a footstool instead of a coffee table or like me, use half the bookcase as a bar counter.

3. Use shiny textures – Glass and glossy surfaces bounces off light, making the room feel larger. Also, since you can see through glass tables, it tends to make the furniture disappear.

4. Light walls with minimum wall art – Light coloured walls, like white, cream and light blue  adds depth to the space, making the room feel bigger. Use one big wall art piece similar to the colour of the wall, giving it a floaty feel.

5. Try not to use carpets – Carpets tends to make the floor  area look smaller. Light tiles or laminate wood flooring  give a lighter and expansive feel, with the lines working to fool the eyes.

My passions

I love moving homes. As a child we had to move homes ever so often, due to my father’s call of duty. I have never lived in the same home for more than 4 years. It could be this, or perhaps just the sheer excitement of decorating a new home.

I also feel very passionately about child adoption. I am in the process of getting a collaboration in place between Shop Of Indian Origin and an adoption agency in India so that a percentage of our profits go to the lovely children living there.

I hope to further strengthen the presence of contemporary Indian art and design in the global arena through the Shop Of Indian Origin.

My Motto – “Do what you love, as then you will love what you do making yourself happy and the people around you too.”


18 responses to “India Design Blog : Nisha John : Of Indian origin”

  1. namrata says:

    very nicely designed house. i just loved the pictures. The bedroom is awesome

  2. Brijesh says:

    Its a beautiful house, well arranged, a lot of greenery around, probably the house I want :-)

  3. Prabha says:

    Thanks nisha very good presentation . Got an idea.

  4. SAJAN says:

    Hi Nisha ,met your dad and mom while in Cochin last month.Great people and i am happy for you to have such lovely people as your parents!Your mom gave a tour of your house in cochin and must say i was impressed girl!well done and keep up the good stuff…( my 3year old daughter Malu dint waste time to dive into your room to come out with the teddy bear!! cheers Sajan

    • Nisha John says:

      Hi Sajan,

      Thanks for your kind words…sorry did not see this message till now…. glad you had a great time back home…mummy also told me some wonderful things about you…hope to meet you guys sometime.


  5. Capt Paul Abraham says:

    Hello Nisha…

    Remember me? Paul Uncle.. Father of Yohann & Zyann :)
    Enjoyed reading the write-up and soaked in the beautiful pictures of your House, not the drinks, though the Liquor Cabinet was open! I simply LOVED the Bed with the Anchor. All the Best, my Dear. God Bless u & the Family! Love.
    Uncle Paul.

  6. M.Thajudeen says:

    Great, Your decors are excellant,
    Plese keep the name high

    Thajudeen, Seena, Shabna & sameer

  7. Aunty Nalini Das says:

    Dear Nisha,

    Kudos to you for so beutifully and artistically bringing out the ethos of India to the foreign audience. good wishes for continued success in your enterprise.

    Aunty Nalini Das
    who knew you as a child in Port Blair!

  8. Beautiful Nisha…you are doing a fantastic job.

  9. Nisha John says:

    Thanks Kala…I guess when you face situations…you kinda learn what to do :)

  10. Kala says:

    Beautiful home Nisha:) Really enjoyed your tips about decorating in a smaller space.

  11. vasudha says:

    beautiful house nisha…..

  12. Nisha John says:

    Thank you very much for having me here… it is a pleasure to be a part of Prismma and be surrounded by such wonderful company.

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