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Variety is the spice of life. My space truly reflects this sentiment. I have diverse interests like cooking, visiting temples and home decor. If you like this amalgam, do peek into my life. I blog about everyday home cooking. I cook south-Indian vegetarian fare. I love the environs in a temple from the architecture to the temple trees. I have documented these visits here thanks to my mom. Of course, I love antique furniture; you can find a couple of decor posts. In our culture, as a token of appreciation we first offer food to the divine. I dedicate all the food prepared here to Sri Krishna of Udupi, because he is the source of all good food. So please join me as I weave a motif, trying to leave my imprint on Sanctified Spaces.

I have done my masters in business administration and have worked in the software sector. Currently exploring my other interests like creative writing and photography.

Blogging Inspiration

Blogging was the right platform for me to express myself creatively either in the form of a photograph or  writing. It is a fulfilling and engaging activity. I am constantly evolving with my blog. Initially I started with a point and shoot camera. Then I moved on to using my Nikon DSLR. Food blogging is very intensive. The props used have to be appropriate. The colours used must complement each other. The food has to be styled and presented in an appealing way. Another big advantage of having a blog is the number of friends you make from  diverse backgrounds and in different countries. It is truly a blessing in disguise. We constantly touch base with each other through blog meets and bond over laughter and food. I am truly enjoying this journey.

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The vintage chair collection

A home is a reflection of your personal style. Emerson is the person who comes to my mind, he simply said “Trust thyself”. Extending this to design philosophy, choose pieces that speak to you. Express yourself through your individuality.

I have put together a collection of some of my favourite traditional and colonial chairs. Courtesy Mr.Prabhakar who owns Aadhi Arts and deals in antique furniture.

Check out this gorgeous antique beauty, vintage furniture at its best. This is a 110-year-old easy chair. This is made of cane for the seating and backrest has a rosewood frame. Known as the Grandpas chair, the related model for this chair is the planter’s chair.

Meet the mother of all chairs. This is the Connemara Chair. This was found largely in the Connemara Library in Chennai and hence the name. This is a Colonial piece designed beautifully in rosewood.

This is another beauty in Burma Teak, a corner chair in colonial style.

This is a colonial corner chair made in rosewood. What a pleasure to read in this chair.

This is a rocking chair with a cane seat and frame in teak wood. The style is Indian.

This is an antique reading chair in rosewood with a slot for papers and even a cup holder (which is broken). Style: Colonial


Cane reading chair in Burma Teak Style: Indian

Rosewood Reading/folding chair : Colonial

I wish I could own one of these vintage pieces, so beautifully designed. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this piece

Travel Journal

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My adventures and passions

My other interests are reading, traveling and music. Thanks to the food blog, I have developed an interest for photography. I am into nature and poetry as well. My new home is almost ready and I cannot wait to claim it as my own. I shall update the pictures of my new home here. It all happens at Prismma—interior design India!


9 responses to “India Blog: Shalini: Sanctified Spaces”

  1. alison says:

    love the bed and the antique furniture. good decor

  2. kk says:

    the aniques r gud….grt blog

  3. Kanchan says:

    the furniture is really nice. very traditional and interesting

  4. Jayanti says:

    I just love that bed. Where did she find it ?

  5. Shalini says:

    Thank you so much Rama.

  6. rama ananth says:

    Good to see you featured here and knowing more about you.

  7. Kamakshi says:

    Thank you all for the likes and comments.Very kind of you.

  8. EC says:

    Congrats on being featured here Shal…nice writeup..all the best

  9. Kamakshi says:

    Thank you for the kind words Sudha.

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