India Blog Decor: Richa Vij Kakkar: Clouds, Rain and Sunshine

I belong to a Hindu-Punjabi family and was born and brought up in New Delhi. I got married in September 2009 and joined my husband in UAE in November the same year. Being a pampered child I still struggle with the reality of being so far away from my family. Last year, I made three trips to Delhi. I have studied journalism and mass communications at the bachelors and masters level. Before getting married, I was working as a senior writer for the internet arm of the Times of India Group in India. After I shifted to UAE, I tried to work in one or two companies here, but haven’t really found it very satisfying so I decided to quit my last job about a month ago.

My blogging adventure

India Blog Decor: I have been blogging since 2007. Clouds-Rain-And-Sunshine is like a baby for me. I nurture it with new and old stories, verses written in a creative fit and experiences full of fun, frolic and excitement.

Clouds-Rain-And-Sunshine was born as I-Am-In-The-Clouds in the summer of 2007 to articulate my love and appreciation for nature through poetry, mostly written in Hindi but typed in English–like an SMS. The poems can be found in the old archives of the blog.

Back then,my life and career was seeing highs and lows like any that of any other twenty-one year old. The need to introspect and hide myself in a shell, led me to delete my blog. But I couldn’t keep away from my love for blogging and writing for very long. After a gap of 6-7 months, I created a private blog– Clouds-Rain-And-Sunshine. All the posts from the previous blog were archived into it. Clouds-Rain-And-Sunshine, being a private blog was shared only with a few close friends, until I took a brave step and made it open for all to read on April 13, 2011.

My blog doesn’t have a theme or genre. I blog about my life, things that inspire me, my family, my home, my views on current issues concerning our society and generally anything under the sun.

The story behind the name Clouds-Rain-And-Sunshine goes like this..

I love clouds to the core–the shapes they form and the hues they reflect at different times of a day. They make me kind of connect with what they are expressing. So I wanted to keep ‘Clouds’ in my blog’s name. I zeroed in on these three beautiful words – Clouds-Rain-And-Sunshine. Found it perfect. The three represent the flow of my thoughts and the flow of my life, which is sometimes as doubtful and as romantically confused as a cloud, and at other times my thoughts pour like rain, and often like the sun that brings its sunshine, clearing up my thoughts and cheering me up.

Some of my favourite posts

A walk on the roses

From the Potter’s Wheel

Book-ing Space

My decorating style

• Trace out the colours you like the most and try to incorporate it in various corners of your home. For example, I love the colour pink and adore each and every shade of it, so my living room has elements in different shades of pink.

• Identify the home decor accessories that steal your heart every time you look at them. I love sea shells and conches so every space in my home including the kitchen window sill has sea shells and tiny conches of various shapes and colours.

• Get those pictures out of the albums and place them in different frames. Have a photo wall of your own in any room where you would like to gaze at the old memories.

• I don’t believe in spending a lot on home décor stuff and try to keep looking for the stuff and wait and wait till I get the perfect one that is within my budget.

• Make a statement through your interiors. If you are someone who is crazy about Hindi films, get prints of classic hindi film posters, frame and hang them. Or, if you enjoy singing, listening to music or playing some instrument, get a small dholak or a flute and accessorise the low-seating space in your living room with them.


India Decor Blog: Nature inspires me the most. I also depend on Indian decor blogs such as Colours Dekor, Ethnically Chic , Hues n Shades , An Indian Summer , All Things Beautiful  and many more such blogs.


I love to write and my other passion is listening to old songs by Lata Mangeshkar (as well as Hariharan and Shafqat Amanat Ali in the recent times). I love reading fiction. I read a few chapters from a book every day. Books take me into another world by making me a part of the stories they tell. I am currently reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert and have recently finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

My Home

Welcome to my home. I have been living in the UAE with my husband for almost 2 years now. Ours is a spacious 1BHK with an open kitchen that is almost a part of our living room. We recently moved into this house. Earlier, we lived in a studio and that home still has a special place in my heart.

I am very passionate about enhancing each and every corner of my home and keep doing something to make it look better. I love having plants around as they keep the home fresh, green and lively. I like having bold splashes of colours all around and for that reason the living room has oodles of pink in it. The photo wall above my LCD was there in our old home too. We replicated the photo frames in this home too in a new design. It really brings back memories every time I take a look at this wall.

The black shelf in the living room has lanterns, a bird and other knick-knacks that I treasure. The brown sofa in the living room is a new addition and it is also a sofa-bed like the other pink sofa-bed, both from Ikea. Did you notice the shell windchime in the living room? And my pink curtains? I love them for their fabric and colour. For the dining, I have kept it simple with lots of scented candles and colourful artificial flowers. We have an open plan kitchen which is right next to our dining area and this helps me a lot when I am cooking and serving food. In the kitchen I have a small pooja room mandir hanging on the wall which I keep on decorating with lights and diyas.

The wooden chair and table  kept in the bedroom (along with the dressing table) is where I read and write my blog from. The wooden chairs and table are also sometimes moved in the balcony to enjoy a cuppa outdoors in the evening. The bedside table always has a book that I am reading currently with this lantern lamp from Home Centre and the pen stand, which is a find from the Delhi Haat. And of course, my baby money plant is there to cheer me up at all times.

7 responses to “India Blog Decor: Richa Vij Kakkar: Clouds, Rain and Sunshine”

  1. Artistic with a dash of nostalgia. I must appreciate you on giving me ideas for my home. says:

    Hi U resemble a Richa Vij i studied with in La Montessori School Kirti Nagar.
    Did U ever lived in Moti Nagar / New Delhi by any chance.

  2. kk says:

    i loved the lantern lamp

  3. Kanchan says:

    Simple but interesting. Are those pink flowers painted on the wall ?

  4. sarmistha says:

    Richa , dear first of Thanks for mentioning me.I feel totally loved and honoured Darling :)
    Now, You have a beautiful home and the pictures throw the light of love filled in your home.I like how you have scattered your personal touch through out your apartment.Simply pretty:)

  5. Rohit says:

    Waitiing for more pics from you Richa.

  6. Richa says:

    Thanks so much Prismma for featuring my home here. :-)
    Thank you Vandana and Asha for your encouraging words. :)

  7. Rafidol says:

    Nice one Richa. Your creativity begins with simplicity & ends with beauty.We would like to see more ideas froom you.Keep us posted

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