Ideas on using glass in interiors

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Glass is used in many ways in interior design. It may be incorporated architecturally or superficially in décor and though glass is considered fragile, many types of toughened glass help in solving the problem effectively. glass in interiors

Aditya Kashyap featured on Prismma

Aditya Kashyap featured on Prismma

Glass has many advantages – it allows natural as well as artificial light to pass through, thereby visually enlarging the space and create lightness in design. Many stunning and artistically designed interiors use glass in clever and appealing ways.

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There are many types of glass – transparent glass, translucent glass, embossed, tinted/painted glass, screen printed and engraved glass, sand-blasted glass, acid etched glass, bubble glass, crystal glass, sintered glass (made from powdered glass) etc. Beveling and edge working enables smoother edges and sleeker designs and also ensures safety.

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Fenestrations dressed in glass is not a new concept, however, innovative designs and better types and styles of glass have taken the concept to a higher level altogether. Floor to ceiling glass windows and doors look enchanting and one way glass ensures privacy.

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Dressing entire walls or sections of walls in glass – transparent, frosted, lacquered glass, tinted stained or painted; enhances the style quotient of the space. A sunny breakfast room or patio enclosed with glass looks cheerful and inviting. Glass blocks in stunning designs are used as partition walls or screens to segregate spaces. Glass wallpaper and glass tiles for walls and flooring are available these days.

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Glass is also used in banisters as well as steps to enhance staircases. Beautiful partitions or walls adjoining stairwells that make stunning design statements are done with various types of glass.

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Glass ceilings are trendy these days and are seen in many home interiors. Enclosed entertainment areas/bars on terraces and balconies with glass ceilings allowing one to enjoy starlit skies are indeed enchanting. Many courtyards in modern homes also sport glass ceilings, solving the problem of security.

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Glass is used extensively in furniture and though this is not a new concept, with newer types of glass available in the market the designs and options are better. Glass top dining tables or coffee tables and beds with headboards in glass look very elegant and trendy. Consoles, cabinets, counter tops – all these may be made in glass. Floating shelves in beveled glass are good for small spaces as opposed to heavy wooden shelves. Glass is also used for shelving insides cabinets, wardrobes etc.

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Glass flooring is seen in many modern designs – sometimes a portion of the flooring is done in glass with a border all around in another material.

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In bathrooms, glass is used for cabinets and shelves and many modern sinks are seen in trendy designs, made of glass. Glass partitions for shower areas as well as all glass shower cubicles evoke an openness and spaciousness in bathroom design.

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Glass is also used to make many types of artefacts and lamps that enhance interiors. Lamp shades as well as beautiful chandeliers in glass may be used to enhance interiors.

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With such a wide range of utility, it comes as no surprise that glass has almost become an indispensable element in home décor!!!

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