Hyderabad House Design: Kamini Raghavan: A celebration of space in colour

Kamini has created a wonderful home with much love and care. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did ! Do check out her inspirational decorating blogSaffron and Silk

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We remodeled the house, but retained the footprint so as not to intrude into the garden space. It is now a two storey house, 4200 square feet in total area. So yes, a nightmare to keep clean!



Hyderabad House Design

Since Hyderabad gets very hot in the summer we kept the exterior white but added plants and trees to keep the house cool. The interior is really very simple, but we brought in interest and colour through walls, bold artwork, colourful rugs, pottery, old hand-me-down artefacts, brass, copper and wood. As a complete contrast to the exterior, there is not a single white wall in the house.


The ground floor is not as contemporary as the first floor, in terms of furniture. We wanted my in-laws to feel like they were still living in the same home they had known for 30 odd years.

dining room design

The guest bedroom on the ground floor became an extension of the kitchen, an informal dining area. My father-in-law was sweet enough to let me convert his study into my painting studio, which is in the north-west corner of the house. Along with some minor structural modifications, we changed all the flooring, wall paint and woodwork on the ground floor.

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Most of the paintings in the house are my creations. Some are original, others are reproductions of artwork I have seen by famous painters (but way too expensive for me to justify buying).


I also dabbled in glass painting, which was too difficult, so I will not be trying that again. I am a DIY enthusiast….and you will see a lot of my DIY adventures scattered around the house.


traditional indian interior

I am partial to clean open spaces with few accessories.



I don’t like to clutter up tables with little things other than some coffee table books. I love earthy colours, they work well with Indian artefacts as well as modern accessories.

home design india


I brought in colour with cushions and art.



The old teak easy chair was my late father-in-law’s. The bar cabinet is an antique piece from a store in Bangalore, the three paintings above it are from an artist here, bought at a craft bazaar.

dining room design

I looked all over for a traditional swing in Hyderabad, the kind one sees in Chennai, but could not find it. So, I finally had the carpenter make a teak swing. The little orange niche behind it was made for that art piece I had.




14 responses to “Hyderabad House Design: Kamini Raghavan: A celebration of space in colour”

  1. Nidhi Bajpai says:

    Love ur love for carpets.
    We are manufacturing n exporting for last 40 years.
    Pl visit our Noida store whenever u cum to Delhi.
    Carpet World – 9971458340

  2. Sonia Puri says:

    Dear Kamini,

    Awesome work Indeed!!! Everything created here is from the heart and thsts the reason that your sweet home Glows -its actually Love. God Bless your sweet abode:))

    Sonia Puri

  3. Jiaur Rahman says:

    Dear Ms. Kamini Raghavan hi, Glad for posted my artwork images and written on your blog at saffron and silk. Thank you so much….

    Jiaur Rahman

  4. kittu says:

    Nice house, Just curious why do you call the spiral staircase wooden? Im I missing something? It seems to be an metal staircase with wood stairs bolted on to metal frame. Unless I am looking at wrong photo this is a metal spiral staircase and should have been fabricated in a metal working shop and installed by a contractor. The only wood I see is the pie shaped stair steps. Is this where you had a problem with the carpenter? he couldn’t cut the pie shaped wood? All stairs have to be same size and shape except ones which might meet at an odd angle to some wall which might protrude into the barrel of stair space like the one on top. Reason Im asking is I have working knowledge of house building and am a woodworker.

  5. Tulsi says:

    Beautiful house. I have seen these pictures over and over again.I loved it. I feel you have a very loving family and inlaws which is most important. I think it is having good family is what makes a home , a home. I loved the way you have decorated the house. I wish I can move to India and have a home like this.

  6. Srinavas says:

    Nice Article U have send

  7. Shanthi says:

    Kamini I have seen this house so many times in different posts and pictures and live too. It never stops me at Ooohaing and Aahaaing again and again every time I see it. Lovely house.

  8. vasudha says:

    truly a home with all the necessary things to make it feel homely!!!!

  9. Simran says:

    Beautiful house Kamini! It has so much character and warmth. I love orange too and Rugs are my fav too. I am always on the look out for them. I hope eventually when I make my own house I am able to create something like you have done – a beautiful and welcoming place :)

  10. This is a HOME… in every essence!! I can sit and look at these pics again and again and again.. Totally love the colours of the wall.. from the yellowish, to orange, to chocolate.. wow!! All the curios, books, knick knacks.. so correctly placed!! :-)

    My heart is in your library, orange wall… your work space.. and your garden.. Absolutely stunning!

  11. Kamini says:

    Thanks Rama. Your house is equally lovely. We must meet up…soon….

  12. Kala says:

    I could look at your house forever Kamini, what a gorgeous space:) Love the spiral staircase, the library, the colors, the warmth, your outdoor space….beautiful:)

  13. Rama Ananth says:

    Thanks for the house tour. Congratulations to you and Raghu for doing such a splendid job.

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