How to Hire an Architect or Interior Designer

Finding the right professional for a home design project is perhaps the most challenging task for a homeowner. Especially when word of mouth references do not deliver desired results. This is also the most frequent enquiry we receive on Prismma—homeowners asking for recommendations to help them hire an architect for their project.

The process of finding an architect or interior designer best suited for a particular project is discussed in considerable detail in this series. Steering away from technical lingo and confusing aspects, I have chosen to address the homeowner in simple layman terms. Some of the topics may seem quite obvious to many but are often not considered or given due importance.

Most of what is written is relevant to homeowners regardless of geographical location. However, some aspects have been ‘tuned’, so to speak, to address an Indian audience and the specific issues we face in this country.


Why hire a professional?: Understanding why you may need an architect or interior designer for your home design project.

Beyond conventional word of mouth: Exploring the various ways and means by which you can find a professional.

The right address: The foundation of a successful long term relationship with your designer.

The search for a professional: The online tools and resources you can use to enable you to find the right person.

Find the connect: The basic elements you need to consider in the decision making process.

Know the difference: The various professionals involved and deciding which one you need.

The cook, the broth and the kitchen: Making sure the process and methodology suits your requirements.

Preliminary steps before you hire: Considering the various aspects of the hiring process.

25 questions to ask your designer: Things you need to be crystal clear about.

Payments and process: Knowing how it all works in the financial context.

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