How to choose bathroom mirrors

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Mirrors are essential elements in bathrooms and care should be taken in choosing the right type of mirrors for this space, keeping in mind that mirrors have the power to increase both functionality as well as aesthetics of bathrooms.

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There are many types of mirrors to choose from and it is only but natural that the average homeowner gets flummoxed when faced with the task of choosing one for his/her bathroom. However, if you go about it in a systematic manner after doing some market research and also learning about the basic guidelines, it should be a cakewalk.

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First and foremost look at the style and size of your bathroom. There are many types of mirrors to choose from and these are available in many sizes and shapes as well. From rectangular, square, oval, round, hexagonal etc to some unusual shapes that may be custom designed – you have a wide option. Styles are quite a few as well – Venetian mirrors, cabinet mirrors, vanity mirrors, shadow box mirrors, lighted mirrors, magnifying make-up mirrors, captain’s mirrors, pivot mirrors, extension mirrors etc.


While choosing a particular style make sure that it complements the look of the bathroom. Choosing a very traditionally framed mirror for an ultra modern bathroom would be a design blunder. Likewise choosing a very small mirror for a bathroom with a large size vanity would mar the appearance of the bathroom. If the bathroom is designed in a specific theme decor, choose a mirror that will complement the theme. Mirrors for the bathroom may be framed or unframed and the framing may be done in an array of materials and it is always possible to find something that suits the overall look of your bathroom.

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Consider the amount of natural light in your bathroom as well as the lighting design. If there is lack of natural light it would be a good option to go in for lighted mirrors.

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Take proper measurements of the space where you wish to install the mirror in your bathroom. A mirror above the vanity in a bathroom should not extend beyond the edge of the sides of the vanity. In the case of large mirrors, it should be hung at least 4to 6 inches from the ceiling and 3 to 6 inches above the vanity. For recessed spaces allotted for mirrors in bathrooms, make sure to take accurate measurements so that the mirror fits into the space.

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Think about the method of installation before you pick a mirror for your bathroom. There is permanent installation with strong glue, semi-permanent installation with less permanent glues or temporary hanging style with nails and wires.

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Making an informed choice would save you a lot of time, money as well as hassles. Your bathroom mirror has practical purposes all right, but do remember that it can actually transform the space as well.



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