House garden design ideas

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Grouping plants artistically, with a few artefacts thrown in, can make eye-catching focal points in balconies. Beautiful sculptures or even driftwood and inexpensive terracotta urns/ animals/bugs/birds/toad stools etc, when placed with plants and enhanced with lighting can work wonders. Use your imagination and repurpose unused items into unique planters. An old jug or a watering can, empty bottles, tree trunks….there are many things which may be transformed with the stroke of a brush or nick of a knife. You may also buy planters in unique shapes to enhance your balcony. Old crates may be painted and juxtaposed in a zig zag tiered fashion in a corner or fixed to a wall to make a mini herb garden or flower garden. Even guttering may be repurposed and used as planters.

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For tiny balconies, a container garden is ideal. Create a miniature home garden in a wide terracotta/aluminium/concrete tray like container with drainage holes. Layer it with shingle/sane to ensure drainage and top up with potting mixture. Mound the soil artistically and plant small plants and grass to create a landscaped effect. You may even create a little water body (a shallow container with water inserted into the soil and edged with stones and plants will do the trick), pathways with shingle and little picket fences, gazebo, cottage, bridge etc with bamboo or cane.

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Alternately, you may even try a mass planting technique for the container by grouping different types of plants, keeping the heights and colours a visually pleasing mix. A container with water may be utilised to grow water lilies and placed in a small balcony with artefacts to complement. Other water features like mini fountains and cascades may be incorporated, if it suits the space as well as the budget. Container grown topiaries are excellent for balconies.



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If space is not a constraint in your balcony, you may demarcate it into areas for garden, entertaining, lounging etc. Large balconies may also sport a lawn, a deck and bar /barbeque area etc. Even a small balcony can have a mini bar or barbeque. A movable bar trolley is a good option for a small balcony. I have seen spacious wrap around balconies in apartments that have been converted into multi-functional spaces. In some cases even portions are enclosed in glass to create beautiful sun rooms, abounding with plants and flowers. When you decide to have too many features and plants on the balcony you need to be sure of the load bearing capacity of the structure. Also give enough importance to water proofing and take professional help, if necessary.


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