Trends in hospitality design: Hotel interior design concepts

The hospitality industry understood the true value of responsive design long before it entered the world of gadgets. Hotels have to constantly evolve with the changing needs of their clientele and the trends in the design industry. They also need to upgrade their technology and ‘smart’ features in a fast paced world.

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 Hotel Interior Design

architect bannerTypically, a hotel project takes 3-4 years from the conceptual stage to completion. But even after that, every five years they need to consider renovation, refurbishing or upgrading certain facilities. That’s all part and parcel of running a hotel business.

In terms of hotel interior design, the challenge is to create something that is timeless and yet integrate technological details and design trends with an eye for the future. So, what are some of some of the trends in hospitality design?

The Comfort factor: Putting your clientele instantly at ease in the environment is the first step. The more it feels like home the sooner they relax. Creating the right kind of environment using design and accessories goes a long way in keeping your clients happy.

Get it all here: The next step is ensuring that you have all the facilities required to make their stay both pleasurable and efficient. Depending on the kind of clientele the hotel attracts the needs would differ. For example a business hotel would need to have an entirely different kind of functionality from a boutique resort.

Connected to the environment: This isn’t really always about the outdoors. It is more about integrating with the culture of the city/town where the hotel is located. A favour of ‘glocal’ is the order of the day.

Tech-Smart: If the hotel has a young, upwardly mobile clientele then the technological features will play a huge role in determining the clientele’s comfort levels. While they may want the luxury of detachment and indulgence, they would also appreciate the ability to be wired in when they choose.

Responsible design: Ostentatiousness is often frowned upon and taking care to incorporate features of sustainable design and aspects that keep luxurious definitions wrapped in subtlety works well.


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