Home Design: Tihana’s home in Bosnia Herzegovina

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My name is Tihana and I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in a city called Banjaluka.

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As you can imagine, living here is quite different than living in some European cities. We don’t have big shops, like Ikea for example, and the standard is not so high. But, sometimes, if you don’t have much money, you just have to be creative.

small kitchen design


I’m a professor of Italian and Serbian language and literature, and a final year student of sociology and philosophy. As you probably noticed, I love reading, so the apartment is full of books.

study desk home

I live alone and I like it very much. This apartment belonged to my grandparents. It is an old building, one of the few that survived the big earthquake in 1969.

bookshelf design

4 years ago, I got the opportunity to live alone, and to make a place of my own, renovating on a small budget. I didn’t have any big ideas in the beginning, the only thing I wanted were a big shelves for my books:-)


I like Ikea very much, but the nearest Ikea shop is approximately 300km away! So, it was an adventure to bring some of the furniture in a small car! Jokingly, I tell friends that I bring furniture as souvenirs from my trips:-)

foyer design

I like Ikea, but I don’t have favorite shops, sometimes I find something nice when I’m not looking, or maybe those things find me:-)))

workspace at home

I don’t have any particular home decorating style, a lot of the furniture is white, it could called a  Scandinavian furniture style, but I add lots of details and colours.


That way I can make it more personal. I really like  it when someone enters my home and tells me that you can feel love, patience and care. Home should reflect you…

balcony chair

10 responses to “Home Design: Tihana’s home in Bosnia Herzegovina”

  1. Anamica says:

    What a beautiful home!!Just loved it!!

  2. Simran says:

    Tihana – Beautiful home and loved your bookshelves…. I want to have those in my home someday :)

  3. Kanchan says:

    Mind-blowing—looks like the work of a professional. Greaatttt job

  4. Mina says:

    Hi Tihana

    Absolutely love the way you have decorated your home. Very inspiring


  5. Emreen says:

    Beautiful and elegant home… I love the ceiling -high books shelf… I could easily spend hours in that room sorrounded by all my favorite books…. !! ! Lovely…

  6. Shilpi says:

    Love the all white chic ….

  7. Rama Ananth says:

    Hey, Where has my comment disappeared, I was the first one to comment here, now it is gone after being here for so long?

  8. sandy says:

    Hats off to you. An incredible job.Love your sense of style.Even the tiny balcony is gorgeous.

  9. Altaf says:

    wow…colour mixed with white–grrrreat combo and a very lively place. awsm job…congrats

  10. Sonam says:

    what an awesome apartment–love ur style—great work :)

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