Home design Mumbai: Haider Khan: Malboro Man meets Gaudi

Pameli Kayal takes us on a tour through Haider Khan’s home in Mumbai — a bachelor pad like no other.

Many of us use the power of the pen to define objects and beauty, some of us even take the help of a paintbrush to portray beauty. Haider Khan tells his story with lights, through the lens, combined with his distinct creative style.


” I am highly inspired by the cowboy lifestyle.Though I have never been there, I have turned to movies as a source of inspiration. Therefore, to recreate that atmosphere I used lots of sleeper wood. Living like a Marlboro Man was my first fantasy. It inspired me to design my abode in a manner that replicated the image which involves that of a rugged cowboy lifestyle combined with other elements that I like.”

home design mumbai

Home design Mumbai

While exploring his spectacularly unique bachelor pad, I discovered another side to his personality. A 2 BHK apartment in Andheri (west) which was completely transformed into his creatively crafted world.


As you enter the living room, one element that immediately grabs your attention is the use of blocks of logs and metal chains. Haider collects logs from jungles for his shoots and he thought of using them alongside the sofa bench.

interior design mumbai

The unique sculptural piece hung above the backrest of the bench, with logs hanging on chains, and lit from behind, makes the space quite dramatic. The use of logs, chains and lanterns blends with the ambience and transports you to another time and place. Imagine yourself in the wild west combined with traces of 19th century Spanish era. Haider’s home is probably just that place.


The bar in his living room is another eye catching zone. It reflects the Western films which were enormously popular and became Haider’s source of inspiration.

The environment of the wild west is created dramatically using the rustic backdrop of sleeper wood. The indirect mode of lighting that he has chosen here places emphasis on the objects he has placed on the walls.


His vision is not that of an architect or interior designer. Instead, he drew inspiration from his Bollywood world and designed the apartment more like a set designer would. The golden hues of the wood are accentuated by the lighting elements in red, blue and green.



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  1. akash says:

    very cowboy style. interesting but a little too much for me

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