Home Design India: Residential Interiors

With several homes, architects and interior designers from all over the world featured on Prismma this is an index of residential interiors featured on Prismma. Click on the image to view the full home tour. This segment is updated on a weekly basis.

sfa design MARKOU14   wall cladding LUCHIAN7wooden flooring india NATRAJ5   functional design BALDESSARI12

living room design KAPIL AGGARWAL NOIDA19   dining room design MAISON2

coffee table decor NIVEDITA5   floor tiles design CHITRA8

chandellier design JYOTHIKA BALERI12   deirdrerenniers2

wooden flooring india KAPIL PAWAR19   modern sofas india ARCHANA NAIK 24

lighting design LEISURELOUNGE2   living room design vthot

open kitchen india shanti   cushion cover designs GANGULI14

home water feature raheja   open plan kitchen Grey Scale 5

living room design Summer Thornton 26   Design Authors 29

living room design marian13   dining room design Mary 5

bedroom flooring PAVILIONS25   stained glass feature Arvind 11

TV lounge design Di Henshall1   living room furniture design Sahana 4

living room furniture vik17   dining room design rajiRM-3

photography living room Herman 1   Living room India anil bhaskaran-014

home theatre with recliners and upholstered panels Armaan17   media unit landmark

wall cladding india nanee   lighting design dining room pameli22

water body feature Kapil Aggarwal 2   wall mirror design Prajacta 9

TV unit design HULLINGER14   flower decorating

chandellier design inman18   open plan kitchen and dining space design Cecconi 26

living room floor design Rama 45   living room design sanjeev2

lighting design Binay 7   mirror design Design Cafe 43Girls Bedroom 7   swimming pool design amritara

living room furniture design HULLINGER27   living room design Sunil Patil 54

indian bed design portside home   Dithi Home 18

modern interior sankalpp   gazebo design GAZEBO10

dining room design shankh17   wallpapare design INTERIOR MEDINI2

sofas design DHANANJAY2   sideboard design SHALINI PEREIRA10

architecture india KAMAT18   modern staircase mentana8

chest of drawers design HULLINGER10   living cum dining room design KAZI3

living room design ARCHAANA19   entryway decor nabar kaamya

staircase design kantilal   interior design india katare

living room design-dionne   study room methi18

sectional sofa design DEEPASRIRAM2   wall tiles designDesign Cafe 32

open plan kitchen lansdowne8   double height ceiling anitanair2

wooden flooring design Kembhavi Murli 11   home decor Manasi 39

living room design Reenu Monindra 5   door design grey scale - jain residance - 010

wall stencilling design design WUHS Dinning   living room design Design Cafe 54

fireplace design jade hills-thinmayya-018   floor design DEDINI2

balcony design PHATADE3   wall cladding design zaetta9

Living room goa india Amelia 1   Living Room Seema25

living room cum dining room design sandeep-goi-04   dining room and open plan kitchen assotech4

driveway tiles design DUDHANE3   wall panelling design STACKED7

sofa design MAURIZIO7   staircase design PEBBLEBAY26

rocking chair gaurav14   bed design subu1

wall paint living room jo21   landscape design YASHMAN3


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  1. arun chakrapani rao says:

    I an my wife are planning on building a eco friendly house in a 60×40 plot in Banashankari 6th stage 8th block. Wanted to talk to an architect regarding this and see how we can move forward.
    Please do reply to me to my email.
    I can be reached at 8095596997 too, but email is preferred.


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