Home Design India: Reenu Mohindra’s Dubai home

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profile Reenu MonindraReenu Mohindra had an inclination towards creativity since childhood and she nurtured it passionately as a hobby, so much so that she quit her job as a university lecturer to explore its various facets. She enjoyed decorating her home and the compliments that poured in from people who visited them, spurred her on.

Marriage led her to set up home in different parts of the world like Kenya, Bahrain, Dubai, and India. Reenu and her husband travelled frequently, thanks to the nature of his job and this honed Reenu’s design sensibilities to a great extent. Reenu started blending the designs from different regions and cultures, creating unique and beautiful décor. Home Design Indialight design Reenu Monindra 14

Today she pursues this hobby turned profession with equal zeal, and is based out of Dubai. She enjoys creating ethnic wall art, Lippan art, Kutch traditional craft, mud, mirror and thread panels— this young designer’s beautiful home showcases her talent in a niche segment.

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Every nook and corner of my home has some kind of artefact which brings back memories of my family in India and connects me to a heritage I am very proud of.

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Reenu’s home has 3 corridors – each one different from the other in terms of décor. The main corridor has a wall in indigo with a white mud art panel enhanced by beautiful wall hanging lamps from Iran. In contrast, the other wall has a rough texture in white.



Placed in front of this wall is a beautiful patterned screen which is backlit, further highlighting its beauty. The décor in this area is from Delhi Haat and Jaipur in India.

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One of the side corridors has one wall adorned with black and white photographs of Reenu and her husband. Reenu says that this section was designed by her brother. The other wall is decorated with pictures of the family.

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The second side corridor has a shoe rack and another wall rack holding curios.chandellier design Reenu Monindra 6

The end of this corridor has mud and mirror panel work with a beautiful chandelier highlighting the same.panel design Reenu Monindra 16

sofas design Reenu Monindra 13

The living room is divided into 2 sections—one is ethnic and traditional and the other modern and contemporary.

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The ethnic section has a mud wall with a beautiful mural and low traditional seating from Rajasthan.

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Reenu says that the inspiration for this décor came from the famous ‘Chowki Dhani’ of Jaipur in Rajasthan, India.

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In sharp contrast,black, white and grey are the reigning colours in the contemporary section, with a touch of burgundy in one corner in the form of cushioned seating.

sofas design Reenu Monindra 9

Comfortable black sofas are complemented with white cushions and small patterned cushions in black and shades of metallic silver and grey.

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A contemporary shag rug is paired with eyelet drapes in metallic silver softened with white header panels. Classical chandeliers and artistic lamps grace this space and make it look eclectic and global.

The dining room has a elegant minimalism with a white table and chairs in white leather upholstery. A picture of the vibrant oxford street and mirrors adorn the walls, while an antique candelabra continues the element of eclecticsm.

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Reenu believes that a home should exude warmth and in addition to being well-designed and aesthetically pleasing, should have the right ambience to let you feel connected to it.

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An extension of your personality defined in a spatial context.

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