Home design in India: Changing perceptions

A lot has changed over the past few years in the home living industry. We now have young urban professionals buying homes in their early 30s, the real estate industry has changed dramatically, the social media revolution has changed the way we communicate, and most importantly, homeowners in India are far more aware, which in turn fuels a growing interest in seeking information and inspiration in equal measure. In terms of interior design and architecture, while today’s homeowner is more open to ideas and quite willing to push the envelope in terms of exploring possibilities, there is also a desire to affirm individuality in the context of a living space and not blindly follow trends.


In terms of perception, there is still a lot of confusion in the minds of homeowners when it comes to the different aspects of design. While most understand the architectural perspective, and to some extent the interior design element of home design, there are not too many homeowners who complete the circle from conceptual stage to the finer details of design and décor. This could be either because the architect/designer they hire does not walk the whole nine yards or because the homeowner does not consider the finer details as being too relevant. It is more likely that non-metros will move ahead in this particular aspect as a homeowner in these towns and cities is looking for 360º solutions when hiring a professional. We will probably see a lot more interesting design work in tier-2 and tier-3 towns in the future.

Home design in India

Homeowners are also slowly realising the value of a specialist in a certain segment of design. For example, the kitchen designer, the window treatment expert, the furniture manufacturer and the decorator are all being viewed as independent identities each working within a specific niche. This trend puts the onus on architects and interior designers to work in collaboration with these niche designers and solution providers thereby offering comprehensive solutions rather than attempting to undertake these various aspects themselves. From the homeowner perspective, having a one point contact that will simultaneously enable all these specialised aspects will drive them to seek professionals that can give them a 360º solution. With multiple specialists powering their expertise through a single funnel of design the homeowner achieves two things—niche expertise and synchronicity in design.

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