Technology: Part 3 –Home Design Ideas: Wiring and Lighting

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Home Design Ideas: Wiring and Lighting

It is also important to have your paperwork in place and get a diagrammatic plan of all the wiring. Also plan ahead and cater for future add-ons and possibilities.

To get the wiring done you need to first figure out where all your gadgetry is going to be placed. This will allow your electrical engineer and building contractor to cater for all your requirements. Once you know where the electronic devices will be placed, you will also need to figure out the furniture layout and flow of movement in the room. This will allow technology, design and aesthetics to merge seamlessly with each other. The earlier you plan the better the end result. Consult a professional at every stage unless you have the wherewithal to figure it all out yourself.

As I always stress, good lighting is essential to effective design. Apart from the electronic devices, you also need to have the appropriate light fixtures in the room. Cater for the various kinds of home lighting you will need in a room — task, ambient and accent. With minor additions such as dimmer switches, you can completely change the ambience of your room. Indirect lighting works best for LCD and LED TVs

Another factor is managing natural light: bright sunny rooms are cheerful, but you need to cater for blinds and well-lined drapes if you want to view your television properly during the day. This is also a consideration for workspaces, as glare on your screen can be a hindrance. Some kind of element that keeps the light diffused would be needed.

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