Home Design Dubai: Patricia Torres : Decor wrapped in sunshine

Patricia’s home is as full of warmth and cheer as she is. She blogs over at Colours Dekor, where she brings in all her sunshine disposition and lights up the blogging world. She moved into a new home not too long ago and in this story she shares her special moments of inspiration in both homes.

I am based in Dubai, and an accountant by profession. Playing with numbers by day is my passion, and experimenting with colours and lights in my leisure time is my hobby.

Seeing beautiful things and enhancing their beauty challenges my everyday being. I have always been interested in the creative side of life and love colours. Anywhere, everywhere. Period. I love to tinker around and try different home decor ideas wherever I can. Creating a beautiful environment, is one of my favourite pastimes.

I am passionate about interior design, home décor, travel, and more recently, photography.

Home Design Dubai

The console and Ganesha are part of my old home. This area of the house did not get any sunlight, hence I would always get upset that no one ever noticed the Ganesha. My brother brought this all the way from Bangalore. Unfortunately,it broke en-route.


My brother and I spent a few days fixing it piece by piece and then then I painted it to bring it back to life… Thereafter, I decided to paint the wall yellow with an orange border.

This dining room table and peacock wall are also a part of my old home. I have always wanted to paint walls. The idea behind the mural was to separate the wall into three portions. I had seen a similar painting in the newspaper years ago – hence it is not original. This is my attempt to re-create that painting. At first I painted this on canvas. One weekend, my brother, my cousins and I decided to paint the wall. That was the birth of the ‘peacock wall’. Friends and family simply couldn’t stop talking about it.


A while ago, we moved from an apartment to a three bedroom villa with a small garage,backyard and car park. My décor style is simple, straight from the heart and clutter free. Each item in the home, was bought after months of hunting everywhere.. from small warehouses and shops, to proper furniture stores and malls. Considering I have two little kids I didn’t want to spend lavishly. Hence, nearly everything is cheap, replaceable, functional and totally my type!




The living room seating is a set of 3-seater sofa and two single seaters. I didn’t want traditional sofas, but something that looked elegant and stylish. Also, it had to be something that complemented my predominantly Indian décor. I was initially looking for beige or ivory sofas, till I saw this grey and realised that even grey can easily blend in with any colour palette.The wing chairs were the main reason I purchased this sofa set. Totally fell in love with them.


The colours on the sidetable are orange and red. It is actually a bedside table, but looks so stunning that I decided to place it next to the bench. I store my décor magazines in there.


My love for Buddha and his teachings is something very close to my heart. Most of the Buddhas at home are gifts from friends and family.


The gramophone was picked up by my husband. He plays a few of his Dad’s old records on them. The music isn’t that great, but it is a possession we love.


The spinning wheel, I purchased from a warehouse in Sharjah. The minute I saw it, I had to get it home. And then I had to figure out where to place it. It has moved a few times, but has now found a permanent place.


The swing near the staircase was the first piece of furniture we purchased when we starting making our home 11 years ago. At one point, we had nothing but the swing and a few cushions on the floor. Therefore, it has a lot of sentimental value.

The whole décor of the house was based on where the swing would be placed. We tried every single corner of the living room before finally deciding that the swing should be placed near the staircase.

The chest is an old piece of furniture and was found near the dustbin. I got it home with the intention of restoring it. That didn’t happen. I’ve now moved it upstairs and with the rickshaw cushions it looks gorgeous.

A Jharokha is another item that I’ve been on the lookout for.This piece was perfect, with the little bells hanging and a proper window type. I repainted it to add a little zing and colour.

You would have caught a glimpse of it when we ran the stylish home contest, but here she shares her world of design and decor. It will leave you inspired as it has us.

10 responses to “Home Design Dubai: Patricia Torres : Decor wrapped in sunshine”

  1. Akash says:

    i like every corner but my fav is the swing. grand entrance

  2. alison says:

    the dining room painting on the wall is amazing. who made it ?

  3. Shanthi says:

    Patty darling!!! Lovely. I loved the idea that you change pictures in the frames ever so often – Sounds cool! The two benches at the 2 staircase levels are lovely. The picture with you and the little ones is a master piece :-)

  4. Divya@SHP says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous Patty! And really nice story on how the house slowly evolved! Oh and I would have never guessed that you touched up/ painted all the wooden pieces- it looks so a part of the piece :) And the swing story was lovely- I love the colour of the cushion!!

  5. Kala says:

    Wow, Patty, I love your home and decor. Totally blown away by that peacock wall in your old place…gorgeous, gorgeous:):)

  6. vasudha says:

    wowwwwwwwwww beautiful format…lovely decor, warm colours and the ever humble and loving patty….extraordinary combination….makes her home fantastic

  7. Ambika Suman says:

    Patty, you have a lovely home. Have seen these pictures in parts in your blog, but it was great going through a complete home tour of yours. Lovely colours, warmth and sunshine!

  8. Rama Ananth says:

    Beautiful Patty,I really love the Chakra and the little Indian flag. Everything is so neatly arranged. The picture of you with your kids is really nice.

  9. Simran says:

    Lovely Patty! I agree with Nayana. I LOVE seeing pictures of your house over and over. And each time they present such a different look. They are an inspiration for so many people. Love the bright and bold theme in your house and all the artifacts that you have collected so lovingly :)

  10. Nayana says:

    Hey Patty, no matter how many times I have seen your home pics…always love them to see again.

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