Ideas to liven up your living space: Home decorating tips

bedroom india raheja

Lonavala villas by Raheja Realty

Perhaps the quickest way to give your room an instant makeover and the stamp of your individuality is by bringing in some interesting accessories.

This summer, you can bring in fresh appeal to your home by adding some of the elements mentioned below:

Home decorating tipscorridor lighting design Sunil Patil 60

Home designed by Sunil Patil

Lighting: The most important element of interior decor.

It will set the mood of the entire room. The appropriate fixture can change the visual considerably. Be it an interesting table lamp, an imposing chandelier or even just a change of a lampshade. For the evening candles are the best way to add a soft glow that is welcoming and soothing.

Flower 5

Decor by Lakhsmi Arvind

Flowers: Bring in some colour and cheer.

Use them wherever you can—in large vases on consoles, small containers on coffee tables on an end table or as a centrepiece. Always maintain an element of synergy connecting the various elements of décor.

wall paint Dune 47

Dune Pondicherry

Colour: Liven up the room

While you can bring in colour in various ways from art to home furnishings, the most dramatic change is effected when you focus on an accent wall. Don’t just go for a swathe of colour—think about introducing texture and tone. A little goes a long way.



Amerjit Ghag's home featured on Prismma

Amerjit Ghag’s home in Hawaii

Decorative pillows: The soft furnishing highlight

Interesting decorative pillows/cushions can completely revitalise even the most weary sofa or armchair. A change of pillows on your bed will make it come alive.

carpet design Summer Thornton 17

Interior Design by Summer Thornton

Rugs: Floored by the add-on

Whatever kind of flooring you have, an interesting rug is a sure-fire way to add zing to a space. It opens up new possibilities in terms of the visual.

indoor plants Manasi 32

Manasi Amberker’s home in Kirkland

Indoor Plants: Get nature inside.

Group plants in clusters of varying height or put one big dramatic plant in a large container positioned in a corner that needs added visual interest. Highlight an area that is getting lost in the conversation of an interior space.

home decor india anitanair14

Anita Nair’s home in Bangalore

Art: The canvas of creativity

A large painting could set the stage for a new theme. Else just get interesting artwork framed in a new context. Change the arrangement and watch your room get redefined.

wall mirror Mary 18

Interior Design by Mary Douglas Drysdale

Mirrors: An element of glamour

The value that an interesting decorative mirror brings to a space is often underrated. Used effectively, it can enhance the personality of a space and take it up several notches on the glamour scale.

living room corner decor jo16

Sainik Farm home in Delhi

Artefacts: An individual value

This is perhaps the most individualistic of acquisitions and instantly transforms anything it touches—from a coffee table to a cabinet. Rarely do you see the artefacts replicated in homes and these are the most revealing facets of your personality—in terms of décor.


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