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It is spring and there are flowers in bloom everywhere. Flowers and home décor go hand in hand. I consider flowers to be the biggest style statement in the design world. It is the accessory that brings glamour and freshness to any room. It can blend into any theme – Modern, Eclectic, Contemporary, Traditional, Tropical, Asian and so many others.

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Flowers in interior decorating

The biggest design dilemma is to fit in all the pieces you love and create that perfect room that you have envisioned. Like a jigsaw puzzle, it takes a while for it to come together. On any given day your home can get a fresh new look by adding a few flowers. Not gigantic bouquets that often steal the show or overpower your home, but a few bunches here and there. Don’t restrict yourself to traditional vases — practically anything that holds water can be your new vase. A few flowers can be a quick and inexpensive way to add that bit of glam into your space. My Dream Canvas is not only a design blog but also a visual diary of my own home. My home is an ever-changing palette where I often try and create something new. I often use flowers to perk up a corner or brighten up a room.

home decor india

A Japanese tea set with on an oriental table and vase with some bright flowers could add a touch of the exotic orient to your home. Perhaps, Zen and the Art of Flower Design?

flower arrangements

A beloved heirloom can add a bit of old world charm and a hint of timeless romance to your living room. These silver glasses are from my grandmother. They are nearly a hundred years old.

flower decorating

Home decorating India: Flowers displayed in an oriental brass incense holder can be a traditional, yet sophisticated look.

flower arrangements

Feel like a trip to the beach? Give your home a tropical look with brightly coloured bottles that can be used as vases. For me, nothing reflects sea and sand more than turquoise!

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my world. A simple flower may be all you need to become the next design diva.

home decor india

Here’s another  tip — Don’t wait for someone to give you flowers, go and buy them yourself.

Give yourself the gift of flowers. I promise they will make you smile and make your home look fabulous!!


Guest Post by Anuradha Varma: My Dream Canvas

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  1. Pooja Sinha says:

    Now this is a visual treat for eyes! Very happy that you shared this! I love flowers and its fragrance very much. I find fragrance of roses and jasmines very attractive. I stay in Bangalore don’t have enough space for gardens and all so I feel happy with reed diffusers and scented candles. The aroma that they emit are very close to the real flowers if not that original. But then again you need to carefully pick the brands. I buy my stuff from website–purefragrances and must say it’s close to the substitutes for flower. Loved reading your blog to the core! Cheers!

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