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Having a theme helps your home décor ideas to remain consistent through out the space and provides completeness. It is indeed very important to have a theme in mind while decorating a space. A decorating theme helps you define colours and ambience, and brings out some creativity.

It is YOU who add the character and personality to a space.. Your home is an extension of your individual self, your loved ones, your culture. You are responsible for making a house a home, which instantly makes it cosy, warm and relaxing.

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Home Decorating Ideas: Lotus Theme

Here are a few quick tips on how to bring the ‘lotus’ theme into your living room ~ Without a fortune, a few changes can give your space a new, refreshing look..

1. Identify the colours of the lotus. The room and its accessories should be pink and green. You can always add another colour that blends with this scheme like ‘purple’. Pink is indeed a bold colour.

2. Wall decor – select a ‘lotus’ themed wall hanging or wall stickers or wall murals. If you wish to try your hands at painting, paint a few lotus’ on one wall.

3. Paint a wall pink in colours. That should instantly give it the ‘lotus’ look. A pink wall with lotus stencils in green would look gorgeous.

4. A rug is a great accent. A green rug would be perfect for this theme, alternatively, use a purple rug.

5. If you have a focal point, ensure its got a lotus accessory on it.

6. The easiest accessories to change are ‘cushion covers’. Use pink, green and a few lotus print cushion covers.

7. On another sofa in the living room, use a pink throw and top it up with a green cushion.

8. Add a few more lotus’ around the house ~ on your dining table, on your coffee table, other corners of the house. You can also use ‘lotus’ shaped candles.

9. For a further touch of pink, add pink colours knick knacks and accents.

Guest Post by Patricia Torres at Colours Dekor 


8 responses to “Colours Dekor: Lotus theme: Home decorating ideas”

  1. alison says:

    i like the theme and colours. soft and cheerful

  2. kk says:

    – using water themed wallpapers will also add on to this theme as well..
    – the lamp shade can also be customised as lotus shape ..will work grt

  3. Raja says:

    You make it sound so easy. But I guess you need to be lot more creative like you to get such good results. Therefore I believe, there are certains things which need to be done by the experts. And Interior decoration is Art and science by itself.

    So when I need to put my house together. I will call you.

  4. Vandana says:

    Beautifully done up place…..lovely images for sure and the cushion cover’s amazing!It’s enhanced the look so much!

  5. Richa says:

    Wow Patty. Very nicely put. Will help me for sure as I have just moved into a new house. Which has to be warmed up and transformed into a HOME. Will keep your words in mind in the process…”To Have a Theme”.

    And love your lotuses…speacially that cushion.

  6. Emreen says:

    Lovely post…!! Great snaps… Love the simple and feasible tips that you have shared here… !!! Wondeful to see you here … !!

  7. Harshi says:

    A sucker for Lotuses myself…fab tips Patty. Thank you. :-)
    P.S: Have always loved your Lotus tealight holders…they should have made it to this post.

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