Ten home decor tips for Spring

blossoms kanak4 Home Decor Tips for Spring

Bring in the freshness of spring with some flowers. You can order them online or pick up a bunch from the corner florist.

Get some photos framed (don’t just post them on Facebook) and hang them on a wall as a collage. Perhaps a set in sepia tones or family vacations as a theme. Whatever works.

Pick up a nice lamp for a bedside table or a console in the living room. Light up the new financial year. :) You could pick up some nice lamps that are fairly inexpensive . If a lamp does not suit your budget then go for a nice new shade.

Some cheerful block printed cushions for a sofa that needed some TLC. Cheaper than changing the upholstery and will make a difference.

Bedroom looking jaded? Spice it up with a colourful bedspread or some nice sheets in soft pastels.

The great outdoors. Whether you have a sprawling lawn or a balcony, bring in some cheer with some nice plants. A couple of potted palms in the living room would add some interest as well.

Get one wall painted in a bright colour or perhaps get some interesting texture on it. This could frame a console, for example, in which case a small wall is good enough, or it could be a backdrop, as in behind the bed. A hundred square feet of colour can bring in a lot of energy and vitality.

If fragrance can affect your mood as it does mine, it would be nice to pick up a few diffusers and choose from the large variety of oils available.

If you have a space where the flooring is a bit of an eyesore and you need to perk it up, I can think of nothing better than a shag rug. Easy to maintain and easy on the wallet.

My last suggestion is to find some interesting storage options for the home. Clear the clutter and put your organisational skills to work.



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