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All things beautiful is a lifestyle, design and decor blog. It is my bit of space on the web where I share and record all my creative ramblings, travel memories, my passion- my home, design and decor ideas, special moments and all the beautiful things that inspire me. It is also a place where I express myself and share bits and pieces of my life with all the wonderful friends that I have found through this blog.

I grew up mostly in northern India- in UP and Delhi, and spent my college days in Mumbai and Goa. I moved to the US about 8 years ago, and now, this feels like home. But, my love for India and all things Indian has only grown in all these years. I have always been an admirer of art and all things handmade.

I have pursued a career in finance and IT for the past 10 years with a few breaks now and then. Currently I am taking a break from my career to devote time to my son who is now 2 years old.

Some of my interests include design, decor, travelling, photography, pottery, painting, gardening and exploring nature.


I was introduced to Indian design blogs in early 2010 through a friend who shares similar interests. Within a few days, I was following more than 20 design blogs (both Indian and Non-Indian). I was in awe–still am– of all the creative people out there sharing bits of design inspiration and creative ideas every day.


I spent so much time reading all these blogs that it stimulated my own creative mind, which probably was in hibernation :). That is when I thought of carving a small space of my own in blog land. And then, ‘All things beautiful…’ was born.

The Blogging Adventure

It has been an amazing experience all along. Before I started, I was somewhat apprehensive only because I thought that writing did not come easily to me. But once I started blogging, there has never been a time when I had to think about what to write. I just let my thoughts fins expression in words and that is it.  When people read and appreciate my posts, it makes blogging all the more worthwhile.

The best part about blogging on interior design in India is finding so many like minded people, making virtual friends (I hope to meet them some day…), who share similar interests and passions, and appreciate what I write and do.

My favourite posts

My yellow wall…once again

Treasures from Mexico

Getting a little crafty

Pottery Passion

A special time of the year…Diwali

Home Design India: My tips on decorating with style

1. Bring it alive with plants and flowers: Plants and flowers add warmth and liveliness to any space. As far I am concerned, no decor is complete without an element of nature in it.

2. Personalise your space: Add things in your decor that mean something to you. A souvenir from travels, photos, a gift from someone you love, your favorite books, your personalized artwork—all these things add a special meaning to your home decor.

3. Add texture and color: One can do this through the use of paiint- it doesn’t have to be all the walls, just one accent wall can add a lot to the ambience of a room. Also, you can use different kinds and colours of fabrics, bedspreads, throws, pillows.

4. Move things around: Every now and then, move your decor pieces around the house, or even keep them away for a while. When you see them again after a while, or in a different setting, you may like them even more. It can make any space feel new.

5. Do what you like: Whatever appeals to your eye is how your home should look. It is not really important to conform to any style or trend. What matters is what you like, and not what someone else may think of it……so, just do what you like.

My favourite magazines

Not too many….there is so much design inspiration on the web- blogs and websites, that I hardly feel the need to read print magazines these days. I do subscribe to the print edition of Better Homes and Gardens and House Beautiful, for on the go browsing. Online, I like Elle decor and  recently Prismma, of course.

My other adventures and passions

I always wish that there were some extra hours in the day, to find time to do things that I like. Some of them are:

Pottery- Working with clay is like therapy for me. The feeling of clay between your fingers and that you can mould it however you like, it’s just wonderful. I have done it as a hobby once, and would love to try it again.

Painting- I like playing with paints and brushes. I am not creative enough to create an original painting. At times, when I see an artwork that catches my attention, I get inspired and try to re create it in my own way.

Gardening- I am extremely fond of plants and flowers. You’ll see them all over my home. Tending to my greens gives me a lot of joy.

Photography- It is my latest passion. It is something I always liked, but photography goes hand-in-glove with blogging. Everyone likes to look at pretty pictures, and that is what I like too. So I am trying to become a better photographer.

Future plans

As of now, I enjoy blogging. My blog is still at a very nascent stage and I would like for it to have more readership. I’d like to devote more time to my blog and put together more meaningful posts. My dream is to design my own line of home decor products and accessories some day.

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  71. Asha Suresh says:

    Hi, I am a resort owner from Munnar who loves interior design , in fact we did not have a designer for the resort , we ( myself & hubby ) just used ideas gleaned from books and travel, and it was soo satisfying !! .

    I am new to Prismma .
    Loved your article , Neha, with superb pics to boot !!

    Thank you for the ideas & colour , and hope to incorporate some of them atleast, when I redo my home this winter .

    Btw, what is that biscuit shade u used on the walls in the corridor photo ? Very elegant & at the same time, warm and inviting ….

  72. Nayana says:

    What a wonderful feature Neha..I liked your article very much and read and enjoyed all the pics very much.

  73. Shweta says:

    Hi Neha,

    Nice blog. Need a suggestion for my yellow wall which I recently got painted. It divides my open kitchen and dining area. Please give me some idea on how can I decorate it.

    Looking forward to your response.


    • Hi Shweta,

      Thanks for the compliment:)
      For your wall, the possibilities could be endless…depends on where it is at and what surrounds it.
      You could do some motifs, put up art work, one big one, or a cluster of them, put photos…..or maybe some sculptures…..
      Email me if you need more help.



  74. Rama Ananth says:

    Wonderful Neha: your design blogs and your DIY and the pictures of your house, really beautiful.

  75. sarika salvi vasudev says:

    very tastefully done…

  76. Ambika Suman says:

    Great to see you and your home here Neha :) Enjoyed the read and the snapshots of your home!

    • Rajesh says:

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    Beautiful feature Neha!…
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    loved your article!!…its very similar to my style…not just very..but almost 90% :)

  78. Emreen says:

    Great write-up and beautiful pictures Neha.. Enjoyed reading it … !!

  79. Kala says:

    Fabulous feature Neha! I love your blog and seeing photos of your home, you have a wonderful sense of style:)

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