Home Décor accents we would love to see more of

Home décor accessories have become far more accessible for online shoppers and since these are relatively easier to ship, the process for both the consumer and the brand becomes much simpler. The competition in this segment is fairly high even in today’s date where there aren’t that many players online. For a home décor brand there are a few ways in which they can capture the market by focussing on elements that are missing on the online e-commerce landscape.

There are five home accent categories which are virtually untapped in their potential given that these do not involve a long decision-making process for homeowners. However, it often involves a considerable shopping trek to find something that serves their purpose.

 Trends in home decor

Lamps: A very important part of home décor and very few options available online that can be termed as ‘decorative’. Moving the focus from shade to lamp base, which is where the opportunity lies.

lamp shade design INDIACIRCUS12

Rugs: The area rug is conspicuous by its absence on e-commerce platforms. There are a few options available but in a segment where there should be a multitude of products, the consumer has very little choice.

mirror design marco 35

Mirrors: It is so difficult to find an interesting mirror even when shopping at retail outlets. Online the scarcity is compounded and the options available are often very basic. As an accent a decorative mirror can upgrade the design quotient of a space considerably.

pouffee ottoman methi8

Ottomans/Pouffees: Extra seating options that do not take up too much space are always on a homeowner’s shopping list. An interesting ottoman or stool adds great value to a seating arrangement and can also be tucked away when not needed. Not everyone is comfortable using a beanbag.

Stian Nybru's home featured on Prismma

Stian Nybru’s home featured on Prismma

Wall shelving: A home accent that has great functional value and can serve a decorative purpose equally effectively. Not too many options here and the homeowner would be happy to see more options online.


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  1. Shilpi says:

    Couldnt agree more, its been a year since i moved to bangalore, still looking for floor lamps and rugs (the one that doesnt break the bank) ..any suggestion pls ?

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