Interior Designer India: Consultation

Based on the large number of queries we receive from homeowners seeking interior design advice, this segment was set up to enable an interaction between homeowners and design professionals.


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This segment is for more specific design services which can be one of the following:

  • You need ideas on layout of a room, placement of furniture and interior decor. You need to provide images of the room and you will receive sketches and a small brief.
  • You need drawings for wardrobes, kitchens, cabinetry etc. For this you will need to provide measurements of the space and images.
  • You need to verify costing received and assess the quality of materials. For this you need to send is costings received by your contractor.
  • You need costings and designs for furniture in a room.
  • You need ideas for things like false ceiling, lighting, flooring, plumbing, electrical layout etc.
  • You need design ideas for a specific space.
  • You need visuals–sketches or 3D visuals of a space.
  • You need information on materials, contractors, vendors and places where you buy certain things.


For a full-scale interior project you should consider the ‘Hire an Architect’ option.

The idea is to articulate your design enquiry which we will then share with members of our design panel. The design panel has interior designers from all over the world, who can provide services ranging from turnkey projects to simple online design consultations and visuals to enable a homeowner to take a design project further.

You can also specify what you would consider a fair fee for services that you are requesting. Design panel members would then give us a confirmation if they are interested to pursue the enquiry. This enables you to find a designer to suit your budget.

Needless to say, the more information you provide the better the response will be.

Please send us the details listed below.

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Please Note: Prismma is not involved in the consultation process. We connect homeowners with our design services provider and are in no way responsible for the commercial transaction between homeowner and service provider.

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