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A lot of us pick up art and wall decor accessories from various places we visit during our travels or as and when we see something interesting. Once it is home, it is either lying around somewhere or we get stressed about placing it on the wall!

How do I drill holes in the wall? How high should it be mounted? How can it be arranged with other pieces to create an inspired statement? Let’s talk about getting this job done with less stress and focusing on the aesthetics.

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Basics and Style: Hanging Pictures

Step I: After you have decided on the art you want to put up on the walls of your home, the next step is choosing where each piece should be placed. If you decide to put more than two pieces of art together, make sure they look aesthetically pleasing. If the wall is narrow and vertical, perhaps putting them one below the other may bring out its beauty. Or if the wall is wide, placing pictures horizontally might be more appealing.

Step II: When hanging a pair of works, one above the other, treat them as one large picture. It doesn’t matter if they are the same or different sizes.

Step III: There is no right or wrong way to do it. Always start from the middle, pick a focal picture or art and work your way out. Work your proportions keeping the central artwork as point focus. It isn’t even necessary to have a sequence or logic.


Step IV: Always place these pictures on the floor the way you would like them on the wall. Then you can take a step back to see what the space is going to look like, understand the proportions and colours, best suited to the wall or the room.

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Proportions and Spacing

Step V: Usually, while hanging art, the center of the picture should be about 60-65 inches off the ground, which places it at eye level.

Step VI: For spacing between art on the same wall, a few inches are used for medium or large size pictures or less for smaller frames. Note that the same spacing is important above, below, and on either side of each frame.


Check out the image gallery on hanging pictures

Step VII: Lastly, do not get stressed about hanging pictures on the wall. It needn’t be perfect or logical. As long as you have worked on your basic proportions, things can’t go very wrong. In fact, changing display of art at home every once in a while freshens a space and lets you display your new work or collection!

Sonia Revankar loves colour and it inspires her the most. An everyday scene — the mélange of colours  on a hand-cart of a guy selling fruits or vegetables or a villager wearing a bright red turban against his brown skin— makes her want to create and apply it to design in her own fashion. The saga of colours is everywhere and that’s the base of her inspiration. The reason why she started furniture designing and painting is to be able to share and make people understand the power of colour and realise how much of it affects our mood and ambience in the one place we find ourselves comfortable – our homes.

Her website : Lively Wood 

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    Well written article on hanging wall art. Being in the business of selling art prints & Posters online we often get queries from customers who are not well informed about handing wall art. One major Point is the 60-65 Inches above ground that is single most important factor. Sonia it shall be great if you could consider sharing some art from our website http://www.artemporio.com.

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