Goan Holiday Home-The Mangrove-Sandeep Khosla

window design sandeep-goi-17Goa is one of the richest states in India but most popularly known a traveller’s paradise. Its lush green landscape, long coastline, vibrant culture and Portuguese heritage make it a unique place. Well-known as a tourist hub, in more recent years it has also become a popular destination for city dwellers looking for a holiday home away from urban jungles.

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While the hub of activity and wild abandon attracts some, there are others who seek its quieter environs. A haven of peace untouched even by the touristic hordes that descend on Goa throughout the year. Goan Holiday Home

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One such holiday home is The Mangrove owned by architect Sandeep Khosla and his wife Tania, who is a graphic designer. This 3000 square feet home is in Candolim not too far from the spectacular church by the same name. Nestled among mangrove plantations with the backwaters of the Nerul creek in close proximity this sanctuary of solace makes for a perfect retreat. The design can be defined in one sentence—take a long deep breath, and exhale while surrendering your senses to nature’s delights.

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I like to believe that a holiday home truly reflects the inner spirit of its inhabitants. It’s where you go to be a free spirit. It reveals your deepest sensibilities and makes you want to put your feet up and enjoy life. Indulgence isn’t measured, it is explored. More so when you have the freedom to define the space on your terms. In the Khosla home what strikes you the most is the way each space connects to the outdoors. The various levels of the home heighten the sense of adventure as you seek a new vista.

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There is a sense of expanse that permeates the square feet area.Given Sandeep’s design aesthetic one would expect to find a healthy dose of eclecticism combined with a love for colour and drama. But the framework remains essentially minimalist.

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As you enter the home double height ceilings make way for light even as the subtle definitions on blinds accentuate a love for detail and diffusion. The dominance of the vertical coaxes an upliftment of the mind, a sense of grandeur underlined by scale and form.


living room cum dining room design sandeep-goi-04

Distressed furniture sets the mood for a relaxed unwind, while furnishings in bright fuchsia playfully converse with cushions in gleaming metallics. The design is all in the details and harmony is achieved not by bringing together elements that speak the same language, but by highlighting their differences and keeping them in conversation.

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The traditional Rajasthani furniture is quite at ease with a colonial Portuguese mirror placed above an antique cabinet that has a chequerboard top. The modern media unit is set against a modern cantilevered staircase. An armchair in bold stripes sits opposite a traditional chair.

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The split level leads to the dining room which has a laterite wall that brings texture and colour to a setting that is markedly Japanese minimalist with a low dining table and benches in dark wenge allowing for an unrestricted view of the landscape outdoors.

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The cabinetry is again an interesting mix with a long wooden credenza placed next to a colourful traditional armoire in a peacock blue distressed finish.

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Two contemporary chairs with bright aqua cushions create a cosy corner for conversation.

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The deck has all weather rattan furniture with bright kiwi cushions that extend into the lush landscape.Back into the house, there is the kitchen, which is again on a split-level.

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The bathroom on the ground floor has an open to sky shower area. As you head to the staircase to explore the bedrooms on the upper floor, a rocking horse adds a quirky sense of fun to an otherwise non-descript space beneath a staircase. The round white pebbles continue the sense of the outdoors.

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The dining room has a laterite wall that brings texture and colour to a setting that is markedly Japanese minimalist with a low dining table and benches in dark wenge.

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The open to sky bathroom gives you a feeling of being close to nature.

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The wooden rocking horse injects a sense of playful abandon into the space.

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Maintaining the focus on connecting each space to the landscape, the bedrooms have wall-to-wall picture windows, opening onto a deck. The master bedroom has a straight-line traditional wooden bed with a chest at the footrest, adding visual interest.


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Luxury goes one step further with an open-air bathtub and a recliner to enhance the indulgent experience.

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The other bedroom has furnishings in deep plum tones combined with dark wood furniture and a modest seating area on the deck outdoors.

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Timber flooring in the bedrooms coupled with wooden ceilings enhance the sense of warmth and cosiness, while simple paper lamps and sparse décor focus on bursts of visual interest and colour within a framework of open-connected spaces and simplicity of design.


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In building a home that is in sync with their personalities and design sensibilities, the Khoslas have also created a retreat that is designed to rejuvenate the senses.

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