Globe Trot : Mar/Apr 2012

TRAVEL INDIAIt has been almost a year since Prismma was launched and as we gear up for a long grueling summer ahead, our March issue brings you a selection of features that will inspire you as it takes you on a journey—exploring places in different parts of the world and designers who are carving a name for themselves in niche segments.

With vacation time approaching, we decided to start a series on holiday destinations. One place that tops everyone’s list is Paris. The city of romance, history and creativity. In this issue, we explore the city and take you to some of the popular tourist destinations as well as highlighting some of the fun non-touristy things you can do in Paris.

While you are still in an upbeat mode, we take you across the Atlantic to talk to Christina Nease who runs a successful theme party décor service. Everything from a kid’s birthday party to a bridal shower is given personal definition and creative expression. Ensuring that your special day is unique and memorable in every possible way. Sometimes, a vacation is even more special than a celebration, especially to an island where a temperate climate is guaranteed throughout the year. The Canary Islands is one such destination and a hot favourite among European travellers.

Either as an extension of a trip to Spain, or as a one-stop destination, these islands often surpass the expectations of visitors with various attractions that make it such a favoured hotspot. Not too far away, in Portugal, a graphic designer is experiencing an indulgence of another kind. Inspired to create a lamp made from used washing machine parts set on a camera tripod, Antonio Martins designed his first home décor accessory—the Rewash Lamp. In its new avatar, these erstwhile washing machine parts find themselves turned into objects of art— accentuated with design concepts that spin another story altogether.

From Portugal we head to Germany, where Vasudha takes us on a tour of Schloss Solitude, a castle that is now an academy for the arts. As always, we look forward to your thoughts and appreciate your encouragement. Soon, we will be back with our Celebrations issue as Prismma turns ONE in April! Till then, happy reading.

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Holiday destinations


6 responses to “Globe Trot : Mar/Apr 2012”

  1. kk says:

    schloss solitude- it must b so nice to study arts thr, the environment is vry welcoming

  2. kk says:

    antonio martins – the furry one is too good an accessory!!

  3. kk says:

    canary islands-pg 66-67 its breathtaking, pg 50-51 the diffly. painted buildingsr really cool spl. the black one

  4. kk says:

    chris nease- i so wanted to have a theme party, nice piece written on it

  5. kk says:

    paris- musee du louvre its just vry striking…too good

  6. ankiit kaushik says:

    iuts a awesome book amd ita cover most of things about INDIA . i like this book and it is good to read this book.PRISMMA has very good knowledge about india. and all i want to say that thanks for your discovering india.

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