Flooring: Why tile flooring is a good option

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A wide array of flooring materials has catapulted flooring design to great heights. It is common practice to look at the pros and cons of a particular type of flooring before making a final choice.

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Tile flooring is not a new player in the field of flooring design; however, newer and better types of tiles have endeared them to many homeowners. Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, clay tiles, glass tiles, metallic tiles, vitrified tiles as well as natural stone tiles are available in many designs, colours etc. Tiles are available in many sizes and shapes as well. Tiles may be laid in many patterns and by mixing and matching different types of tiles, you can create personalised flooring.

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Tiles also come in various finishes like glazed, semi glazed, matt finish, rough finish, anti skid etc. There are textured tiles and embossed tiles as well as digitally printed tiles with 3D effect, widening the option further. These days flooring tiles that mimic natural materials are a big rage – you have tiles that look like wood, bamboo, natural stone, rocks and pebbles, concrete, metals etc.

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Tiles flooring is long lasting and hardy and holds up well in heavy traffic areas like kitchens, foyers etc. Glazed tiles do not stain. Tiles are also easy to clean and most type of tiles other than natural stone and metallic varieties can be washed as they are not porous. Regular sweeping and damp moping will keep your tile flooring in good condition for years to come. Just make sure that the grouting is done properly and sealed as well. Tile flooring is an excellent option for bathrooms and kitchens and for homes where there are little children and pets as the flooring cannot get damaged with water or moisture and can be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water.

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Most types of tiles do not cause a dent on the pocket unlike certain flooring materials like wood, marble etc. Hence, many homeowners prefer to go in for tile flooring.

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Tile flooring is easy to install and is a good option for installing over radiant floor heating systems.

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Shenbaga Vilasam featured on Prismma

Tile flooring is non toxic and it also does not harbour dust and allergens – dust can be swept off the surface of tile flooring easily. This is one reason why tile flooring is a good option for people prone to allergies and respiratory problems.

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