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While the eye of the tiger may have taken you on a roller coaster ride in 2010, the peaceful traits of the Rabbit herald a tranquillity and sense of calm. Ruled by harmony and forgiveness, this fundamental attribute of the rabbit will see you build bridges and embrace understanding. It will also bring a touch of elegance while spurring you to indulge the senses. This is especially so if your sign is a Rabbit, Pig or Sheep…so control the urge and temptation and keep it in check. Heed the winds of caution if your sign is the Rat, Rooster or Monkey.

The Rabbit’s gentle steps might not work too well for those in a hurry. Perhaps it is time to explore other interests, chart a new course or pursue some kind of learning. The Rabbit thrives best in an atmosphere of happiness, serenity and creativity. What about the metal, you ask? Well as earth feeds metal, those with that element will do well, while Fire and Water will persevere. Wood, however, might find itself at odds. If Metal is home base for you then as long as your sign is in sync with the Rabbit you don’t have much to worry about.

Which really means that the metal rabbit is not a fluff ball. The metal will bring in plenty of edge and angst all by itself. It is not a meeting of two soul mates but rather an embrace of two dissimilar cultures. So if you approach it with the necessary tolerance and understanding there is no issue.

The Yin will keep the steely cold-hearted nature of metal in check, and bring to its soul the gentle sensitivity of the Rabbit. The sword’s edge is considerably softened.

If you are interested to know how your home will be affected by the energies this year then take a look at the chart on the left. The sector where the main door of your property lies is where the energies will have the maximum influence, followed by the facing direction. Thereafter, the placement of the stove (in a house) and the furniture for various activities( bed, desk, conference table etc).Individually the various areas will be affected differently.

Overall a more peaceful year, after a turbulent 2010 for a lot of people


This part of your home has the sickness star, so if there is an elderly person or a child here, you may want to take extra care. Generally weak and negative energy.


The star of authority and power reigns here all of 2011. Your sphere of influence will widen and a sense of confidence will make you more assertive


Peach Blossom brings love to this area. In an office it is great for a conference room and will help build relationships. Also great for knowledge — a perfect sector for learning


With the Five yellow and the Grand Duke here, this is not a fortunate sector. There is possibility of physical harm or great loss so avoid any repair work or remodeling here. Keep it quiet and minimise its destructive energies


The Career star shines here this year, so look forward to advancement and recognition. This is the time to put that dream in place.


Change is the law of nature and here more especially so. Being a negative star there is an indication of strife and instability, but use change to achieve something meaningful.


No renovation here as it has the three killings. Possibilities of theft and deception. However, on a positive note, this sector can help bring long-term benefits and future prosperity.

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