False ceiling design: Everything you wanted to know

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GUIDE BANNER False ceiling hangs a little distance away from the roof and is therefore referred to as drop ceiling or suspended ceiling as well. Due to the space between the roof and the false ceiling, there are certain advantages.

False ceiling is easy to install and is done once the roofing is complete. It is also easy to remove or replace false ceilings.

False ceilings serves as a camouflage for electrical wiring, ducts and pipes for cooling and heating devices etc and also for holding light fixtures.

Where the actual roof of the building is too high, false ceiling helps in bringing down the height and volume of the room thereby increasing the efficiency of the heating/cooling devices.


HOMETOURS BANNERFalse ceiling creates effective sound proofing.

As these ceilings do not touch the roof and the floor above, vibrations created with foot-falls or other sounds are almost nil.

False ceilings are an advantage in case of accidental fires. Due to the barrier created by these ceilings the structure is protected for a longer time before coming down eventually, thereby aiding rescue efforts.

False ceilings created with appropriate materials enables in protecting the space from extreme weather conditions to a certain extent.

For example, wooden false ceiling will provide a certain amount of warmth in cold places.




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    Article tells how the false ceiling makes the living place more beautiful.The design are attractive

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