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kitsch cafe etsyAbout Kitsch Cafe

Inspired by a lifetime love of vintage illustration, housewares and fabrics, I combined my degree in graphic design, ten years of  professional experience and innate style, to open Kitsch Café.

Providing unique vintage objects and collectibles, items are chosen for their style and sense of humor. Kitsch Café vintage is found on Etsy at both Kitsch Café  and KitschWear

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The journey

As a teenager, I shopped for vintage clothing at charity shops/thrift stores. While taking design classes at university I was introduced to mid-century modern design and started scouring thrift shops for inexpensive furniture. This naturally led to my interest in all things vintage.


I’ve always been interested in photography. However, I really started to take an interest when I bought my first digital camera. I didn’t have to worry about “wasting” film and could take as many photos as I wanted.

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My home

I live in a historic district in Cincinnati, Ohio.

mirrors on the wall

My apartment building was built in the 1920s.

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It has high ceilings, wood floors, the original bathroom tiles and a great view of a 200-year-old stone church.

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I have lived there for over seven years and loved every minute.

andrew steinbrecher

I fill my home with thrift store finds, artwork I created, and collections of vintage objects I have started over the years.

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Some of my favourite pieces are my bedroom dresser, my two Danish Modern lounge chairs, my Eames moulded fiberglass chairs and a Mid-Century Modern wood slat bench with hairpin legs.

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My tips on being creative

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Be yourself and trust your gut.

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My adventures and passions

andrew steinbrecher

I love to travel and have been to Europe many times, to various parts of the US and Canada, and to South America and the Caribbean. I also love to knit. I am a fidgety person, and the repetitive motions keep my hands busy and calms me. I have recently discovered improvisational art quilting. Letting go and seeing where the process takes me is a new adventure for me and I am excited to see where it will lead me.

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