Entryway: Three things that can do wonders


Entryway or foyer is the first space that a person steps into as he enters a home. There is something about first impressions leaving a stamp on your memory pad – first impression is always the best impression, right?

Amerjit Ghag's home featured on Prismma

Amerjit Ghag’s home featured on Prismma

Most house proud homeowners design their entryways with intentions of making this space inviting and attractive – a wonderful prelude to aesthetic interiors. There are various ways of designing entryways and when the design, decor, furniture and other elements play their roles to perfection, stunning entryways happen.

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No matter what the size or style of your entryway is, there are 3 things that can do wonders to the space.

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Mirror mirror on the wall…….yes, mirrors are great accessories for the entryway. They can increase the aesthetics of the space – you have a wide array of mirrors to choose from in various styles, shapes and sizes. Mirrors reflect light and can make a small entryway appear larger than it actually is; it can also reflect beautiful elements in the entryway, improving the style quotient in a jiffy. Walls panelled with mirrors on either side of a very narrow entryway can help in making the space look wider and if the end wall is panelled in mirrors in a short, corridor like entryway it gives an illusion of a longer corridor. Mirrors and consoles marry well and look good in entryways.


Chandeliers in entryways can make stunning style statements – drawing the eye upward. In addition to increasing the luxurious look of entryways, chandeliers have many plus points – for example, they can also show off beautiful ceiling design in the backdrop, throw light on beautiful medallions on luxurious flooring or focus on the luxurious rugs/carpets below or increase the beauty of mirrors or artworks on the walls or give more depth to textured finishes or wallpaper on the walls etc.

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Rugs/carpets make great additions to entryways. Depending on the size and style of the entryway, you have a mind boggling range of rugs/carpets to choose from; varied in style, size, colour, design, texture, quality etc. For long, corridor like entryways, runner rugs are ideal. You may opt for small area rugs neat to the seating in the entryway or place a beautiful rug in front of the console or a luxurious Persian carpet right below the chandelier in the middle of the room in a large entryway….the options are endless. A beautiful rug may even be used to anchor the design scheme of the entryway.

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