End table: Guidelines for choosing

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End tables support and augment the design and functionality of sofas/couches and chairs. End tables are small tables that are usually placed on either side (or ends) of a couch or next to a chair. They serve as ideal surfaces for placing lamps and small artefacts and also as a surface for putting down a drink glass or nut bowls, ashtrays etc.

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While choosing end tables, one should consider the height of these with respect to the couch/chair beside which the tables would be placed. The top or surface of an end table should not stand way above the armrest of the couch. Generally this would be somewhere between 22 and 30 inches; standard measurement from the floor to the top of the armrest of a couch would be 25 inches, but there are couches that deviate a bit from this size. The surface of the end table should be either level with the armrest of the couch or a couple of inches shorter. It could even go higher than the armrest by a couple of inches, especially in the case of nesting table designs and some others with tiers that give a layered effect.

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Too low an end table would hinder functionality. A person seated on the couch would have to bend and strain to put down a drink glass on a very low end table. With higher end tables the probability of your elbows hitting the side of the table and hurting yourself or knocking something off the table are possibilities. When lamps are placed on end tables the bottom of the lamp shade should ideally be at eye level of persons seated on the couch.

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The surface area or measurements of the top of the end table should be proportionate to the depth and size of the sofa. Very small end tables on either side of a huge couch or vice versa would be an eye sore.

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End tables do not have to match exactly with your coffee table. However, they should be able to unify the design in some way instead of being loggerheads with each other.

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You may choose end tables made of various materials – the styles and designs are many. Alternately you may even custom design end tables to complement the couches and chairs in the space.

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