DIY Decor: Put things to new use: Sonia Sumant

Lately, I have been busy  re-using and creating home decor accessories from leftover materials. My carpenters think I have lost my mind because I want to re-use everything. Let me start by showing you all the things I re-used —keeping them functional and pretty at the same time.

 “Colour Recycled”

DIY Decor India

This unusual mirror looked different and was sold off in a jiffy! Every time my carpenter scrapped the wood shavings, I wanted to use them. However, I couldn’t use it just anywhere keeping its fragility in mind, and finally I decided to make this decorative mirror.

DIY Decor India

Sunflower Cats and Barrel Chairs

 DIY Decor India

I had some paint barrels lying around in my workshop. I wanted to do something with them as they were sturdy and could take weight. Voila, they became colourful, vibrant, strong stools!

Old is Gold

DIY Decor India

While I was doing a remodel at my friend’s home, I discovered the treasures she had. They were just lying around and accumulating dust. She was aware of this but had no idea what to do with it. An old-fashioned chair rested in a corner of her room which was used as an extra seating. Another little piece of treasure, a teak wood chest was kept under a TV. I grabbed them, re-polished the chest, upholstered the chair, and placed them together to create corner focal point of the remodeled room!

Beady Wines

DIY Decor India

I have this little wine rack in a corner of my kitchen where I store a never-ending supply of wine bottles. I just love the way they look when they are placed on a rack. Since this one was lying in the corner for a long time, I began wondering how I could make it look a little different and fresh. That’s when I decided to use beads and colour. I had a broken junky necklace which came handy. I beaded the little rack and now it looks gorgeous. I couldn’t even let my junk jewellery go to waste.

Tick Toc goes my Clock!

DIY Decor India

Some extra pieces of well cut round ply was lying in my workshop. I decided to turn them into clocks—hand-painted and with lots of craft and beads on them.

DIY Decor India

Fabric Fresh

DIY Decor India

My grandmother had a lot of embroidery rings and pieces of patterned fabrics that she salvaged from pretty little things she had made for us. One day, she got  her old trunk out and was planning to dispose off these things. Again, I could not let go and it got a fresh lease of life in the form of wall art and a curtain in my remodeling projects – Eatmosphere and Balloooooni Balloon Doctors Clinic!

I not only try to re-use, re-cycle and refurbish but also encourage my clients and friends to do their bit.


Sonia Revankar loves colour and it inspires her the most. An everyday scene — the mélange of colours  on a hand-cart of a guy selling fruits or vegetables or a villager wearing a bright red turban against his brown skin— makes her want to create and apply it to design in her own fashion. The saga of colours is everywhere and that’s the base of her inspiration. The reason why she started furniture designing and painting is to be able to share and make people understand the power of colour and realise how much of it affects our mood and ambience in the one place we find ourselves comfortable – our homes.


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5 responses to “DIY Decor: Put things to new use: Sonia Sumant”

  1. Sumant Subramaniam says:

    Are you Sonia Sumant or Sonia Revankar? XP

  2. kk says:

    beautifully used leftovers…i’ll b trying the mirror thing

  3. Kanchan says:

    Very creative ideas. And on a low budget

  4. Vandana says:

    The paint barrel stools are too good!Such cool DIY projects!

  5. Hi Sonia,

    Wow, really great ideas… Particularly loved the clocks and the sun flower stool :) DIY sure is fun… and becomes functional when it can be put to good use… Loved all your work… Keep it up !


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