Diwali Decorations by Meenakshi Sundar

Diwali Decorations

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of India.

Diwali’s  magical and radiant touch illuminates every soul with the light of love. In terms of home interior decorating, you do not really need to spend a fortune in achieving that ‘festive look’ in your home.


Here are some simple, easy-to-do diwali decorating ideas that will help you create an ambience of joy and festivity.

Rangoli : There is no better way to welcome Lakshmi—the goddess of wealth into your home. A colourful rangoli and pretty thoran should adorn the entrance of your home.

You can get the kids involved be having them make designs with stencils and fill it up with colour or glitter.

Flowers : You can never go wrong with fresh flowers. But remember –the display and containers used are equally important.

Dress up your home : As you get ready to open the doors of your home for your guests this Diwali be sure to have displayed your prized artefacts, family collections, heirlooms, souvenirs and all kinds of artwork.

Make tablescapes with candles and diyas. It is the easiest way to pep up your pad and makes a great conversation starter as well !!

The art of gifting : With an abundance of choice, it can be quite a daunting task to find the appropriate gift for each person. My mantra is—customise and personalise.

diwali-bannerHere are some inexpensive options that will be fondly remembered

1. Coasters with names and photos

2. Jigsaw puzzles for kids with magnets

3. Name, famous quote or funny slogan engraved on a tray filled with goodies and chocolates

4. Mismatched bowls or tea cups with wax and wick for handmade gifts

5. Muffin trays used to pack dry fruits will serve a double purpose

May Diwali bring in abundance and happiness into your hearts and homes !!

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  1. chaitali says:

    great ideas.. can i get in touch with you..

  2. chaitali says:

    great ideas.. is there anyway i can get in touch with you?

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  4. Chandramouli says:

    Great Pics illustrating the points!

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