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diwali decoration

Diwali Decoration Ideas

It is the time of the year when Durga Puja is over  and time to look forward to  the festival of  lights. Diwali is just around the corner and local newspaper supplements and magazines are full of beautifully photographed Diwali decor.

diwali decoration

I play around with a few ideas every year but this year my focus will be on candles rather than diyas. Of course there are diyas outside the front door, near the gate, amid my plants, and under the coconut tree. But inside the house I will be using a whole lot of floating candles and fresh flowers for the most welcoming look.

diwali decoration

My old faithful kadai has been with me for several Diwalis now. I take it out during the cooler season and place it near my flower bed next to the front door. I fill it up with water and fresh flowers and some candles. Voila! The effect is magical and my guests tell me that it is most inviting.


Flowers look great but I like to change the look by using fresh foliage from my garden. It creates a totally different effect and of course, variegated and light green leaves definitely look more attractive. The kadai remains in the front part of the house long after Diwali is over.

diwali decoration

There is nothing more welcoming than seeing this kind of lighting when one walks through the gate in the evening.

diwali decoration   diwali-banner

I also like to use shells in large glass jars. I have used a large glass bowl for a cinnamon scented candle gifted by a friend. The bottom layer is made of shells that I picked up on the Chennai and Pondicherry beaches. Recently, I saw the same concept used in a magazine. The picture used vegetable stalks and corn along with candles in wine glasses. So I am trying out some of these ideas too.

diwali decoration

                      Text and images by Kanak Hagjer

5 responses to “Diwali Decoration @ Terra Farmer”

  1. chaitali says:

    hi kanak.. great ideas.. i am writing in from kuwait.. can i have your email? need to get in touch with you..

  2. sakhi says:

    beautiful and creative ideas….thanks for such inspiring ideas

  3. alison says:

    simple and elegant. i like her ideas

  4. Stephanie says:

    Your ornaments are glowing with lots of colours! I love all your ideas Kanak. I especially like those two ponds of floating candles a lot. Love the fact that you cleverly use those colourful flowers and leaves from the garden. Have the happpiest Diwali 😀

  5. Anita says:

    Very nice Diwali lighting ideas. They’re all so beautiful.

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