Diwali Decor @ Celebrations decor

diwali lights decor

Diwali Decor

It is time for the Festival of lights again – “Deepavali “. A time for celebrations, prayers, gifts and candle-lit evenings with loved ones. Fill your home with the warm glow of oil lit lamps and candles.

diwali lights decor

I personally love the traditional and antique look that allows the lights to take the centre stage.


The tradition of oil lit lamps is something special. South Indian Lamps which are available in different sizes and shapes, lend a picture perfect traditional decor in any corner it is assimilated.

diwali lights decor

Marigolds as everybody knows, lend  beauty in its best and how about a uruli full of Marigolds surrounded by the ghee lit lamps. Let it radiate the beauty and the divinity in the corners…I make sure I have some corners truly to be called the eclectic corners in the house..

diwali lights decor

There are innumerable ideas to dress up your home for the festival. Let glamour and tradition go hand in hand. Indianise a contemporary decor to go with the traditional festivities.

diwali lights decor

Don’t just display fairy lights, instead drape them under the table, beneath the vases and for the puja room. Pool the tissue over the rice lights.

diwali lights decor

The fabric serves three functions : it hides the unsightly wires of the rice lights, transforms the bright pinpricks of individual lights into a gentle effulgence.

diwali lights decor

A gold tissue is an excellent embellishment to cover the glasses in which you float some tea lights. These are one of the effective options you could try.

diwali lights decor   diwali-banner

Make a low simple centre piece with candles and flowers in a modern arrangement.

diwali lights decor

 Deepavali’s emblematic Marigold is a must add

diwali lights decor

Simple brass utensils which we use at home can be effectively used to float tea lights and flowers, instead of the glass bowls.

diwali lights decor

Combine the evergreen symbols of Diwali, flowers and candles to present some stunning arrangements.

diwali lights decor

Let Deepavali keep all of us enthralled at home by its magic wand and let it linger on even after many days.Engage creativity at its best and let it reflect in the types and styles of arrangements at your home.


   Text and images by Lakshmi Arvind

9 responses to “Diwali Decor @ Celebrations decor”

  1. kirti kapur says:

    i like the 8h and 10 picture theame that how to float the candles in water

  2. Akash says:

    the first picture is beautiful..like how the light is along the frame of lakshmi

  3. kk says:

    i like diwali though i dont celebrate it….but these tips wud help in decorating a house anytime…..thnks.:-)

  4. shalini says:

    Such great ideas, Laksh. Really love how creative you’ve been…loved the combination of fairy lights and tissue.

  5. Nayana says:

    everything looks so divine..I specially liked the idea of fairy lights tucked under the table..absolutely beautiful..thanks for stopping by my blog Laxmi:)

  6. Rama Ananth says:

    Beautiful Lakshmi!

  7. Lakshmi,
    you weave your magic again. This is simply fabulous!!

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