Diwali Decor India by Amerjit Ghag

diwali decorating

Diwali Decor


For me, Diwali decorating starts with flowers, both inside and outside. It’s easy enough to float some frangipani in a vessel of water, cut some ginger from the yard or bring the orchids inside when they start blooming.

diwali decorating

In Hawaii I can have cut flowers from my yard all year round, I keep the arrangements simple yet bold.

diwali decorating   diwali-banner

Diwali Decor India: My table settings for diwali decorating are usually based on textiles from my closet. A dupatta casually draped over a solid table-cloth gives great texture and colour. On that I layer place mats, chargers, plates, coloured votives, small flower arrangements, etc.

diwali decorating

This is a great opportunity to mix the traditional textiles with contemporary dinner ware. Lighting is key, so I have on hand-glass votive holders in a rainbow of colours, I can set the table in a specific colour scheme or go for a riot of colour.

diwali decorating

diwali decorating

I have these tea lights in a rainbow of colours, I also love using vintage kantha in place of a standard table-cloth, it adds a richness and softness that you don’t get from standard table linen.

diwali decorating

An orchid plant from the yard transitions into the house beautifully by simply placing it in a ceramic bowl and adding some spanish moss

diwali decorating

Diwali is a great time to decorate my walkway with lanterns, it adds a nice welcome for dinner guests.

This photo was featured in the book “Party Hawaii” – photo by David Franzen
We created these hooks for lanterns, when its dark the lanterns look as if they are floating…I sometimes use simple glass lanterns instead of these for a different look.

   Text and images by Amerjit Ghag

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  1. alison says:

    amazing pics. great ideas

  2. radhika says:

    Love the walkway.

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