Discover India : Mar/Apr 2012

INDIA TRAVELOur March issue brings you a selection of features that will inspire you as it takes you on a journey—across various parts of southern India, each a unique experience.

When one thinks of exploring India, there is a small coastal state at the tip of southern India that inevitably makes it to a top ten list. Known popularly as God’s own country, Kerala has seduced travellers with its serene backwaters, lush green landscape and pristine beaches. While there are several destinations of note within the state, the backwaters of Kumarakom captivate visitors the most. Set against this picturesque landscape is the Zuri resort and spa that indulges your senses.

Rejuvenated by this experience you could then venture north to explore a UNESCO world heritage site, which was formerly the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. Hampi is situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River and has an important significance on three levels—archaeological, historical and architectural. It also has several temples of interest. A trekker’s paradise. Temples, art and architecture are intertwined elements of India’s heritage. Another example of a distinct architectural style is the T Narasipura temple near Mysore. The T stands for Trimukta as the place marks the confluence of three rivers—Kabini, Kaveri and Sarovara. The Gunja Narasimhaswamy temple is famous for its chariot festival and this town also plays host to the Kumbh Mela in southern India.

If history and archeaology are not your cup of tea and quiet solitude in peaceful environs is what you seek, then head on towards Pondicherry on the southwestern coast of India. Just short of this popular destination is a resort with a difference. Dune is a hideaway that lets you explore within the confines of its secluded environment. It is also a great place to stay for those plan to visit Pondicherry. We also have two features on traditional construction techniques— the first one on Athangudi tiles and the second on Laterite used in building homes.

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7 responses to “Discover India : Mar/Apr 2012”

  1. kk says:

    laterite seems to be a cool material…n it looks good too

  2. kk says:

    athangudi tiles- lovely motifs….though i’d prefer them in lighter shades

  3. kk says:

    t narasipura – i shud b recommending this place to my friends mom!!

  4. kk says:

    dune resort – the artist studio’s pool is diff n good too, n the bamboo house’ bathroom- good use of eco friendly material

  5. kk says:

    hampi a good visit for architecture students

  6. kk says:

    zuri resort – this is such a green place, loved the elephants in the pool n the best part is the spa, looks very relaxing!!

  7. Discover India is my favorite section of Prismma. Thanks for sharing information on Hampi. It is proud that it is in the list of UNESCO heritage list. T-Narasipura is also on a unkown place. A must visit!

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