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The dining room is a frequently used space in the home – where family members share not only meals but also quality time together. It also becomes kind of a semi-public space, if you have frequent guests or entertain often. There are some points to consider while designing a dining room. Given below are 10 things to consider in dining room design.

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The layout of the room has to be scrutinised, before you embark on the designing process. The shape of the room, its size and location with respect to the overall floor plan as well as its relation to the adjoining spaces should be considered. Is it a free-flowing plan where the living, dining and kitchen have no boundaries? Does the dining space enjoy a connect with another adjoining space like a patio, courtyard or garden? Check out the placement of the doors and windows and also the height of the room. Do you require to make any changes in the floor plan? The design elements in the space should be conceived and implemented with the layout in mind.

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What style or theme (if any) is your dining room going to project? All the other decisions should be based according to this. You may even have an eclectic style, but make sure that all the elements complement each other as well as the overall look.

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The next point to consider in dining room design is the walls and ceiling. What wall colours do you prefer? Do you want to dress the walls in wall paper? How about trying some textures or wall cladding? While deciding on the wall colours, do keep in mind the other elements (their colours/textures etc) as well, in order to achieve a harmonious effect. Lighter colours can make the space look larger, but that does not mean that you have to stay away from bold colours or textures – the trick is to use these colours diligently, tone down some other elements if necessary and work out a pleasing design. Ceilings need not be boring – there are many designs that can add to the overall look of the space.

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Flooring should be given enough consideration while designing a dining room. Tile, marble wood, granite, concrete – there are many options to choose from. Choose something that will suit the style of the room as well as your budget.

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Next comes the furniture – choose pieces that will complement the size of the room as well as enhance the style. The dining table is the most important piece of furniture in this space; it should be chosen with care. Is your dining room décor leaning towards contemporary? Then a contemporary style dining table projecting sleek, clean lines is a good option. Do not create a congested space by opting for huge pieces, if the dining area is small. Drop leaf designs and extendable dining tables are good options for small spaces. Bench seating that may be stowed away, below the table is another option. Credenzas, cabinets etc for storage and displaying your fine chinaware are also requirements to be looked into.

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Another extremely important point to consider in dining room design is lighting. Consider the amount of natural light the space enjoys and utilize it to the maximum during daytime. Create the right kind of ambience with lights – ambient, spot, task as well a decorative. Concealed lighting within cabinets will showcase the contents beautifully. Wall scones and pendant lights can be utilised to enhance the décor and a beautiful chandelier above the dining table will skyrocket the style quotient.

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Drapes and upholstery are not to be sidelined – these have to be given importance as well. Choose fabric that will uplift the style and enhance the space.

Artwork and artefacts – choose pictures/paintings that will go with the look of the dining room. Lamps, curios etc will add interest to an otherwise dull space.

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Embellishments like candles, vases, fruit bowls with seasonal fruits etc are excellent add ons to be considered for the dining room.

Last but not least, try to incorporate nature in some way, into the design of your dining room – be it a potted plant, a stunning flower arrangement (it could even be a simple floating arrangement with floating candles thrown in) or if space and pocket permits a feature wall with a water cascade. Well, as far as ideas are concerned, sky is the limit!

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