Designing a balcony garden

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Rough textured walls look good in balconies, especially where there are lots of plants. While positioning stands for plants on or against the walls make sure to waterproof the wall. Beautiful murals, masks and pictures that go with the style/theme of the balcony will enhance the space. Choose the flooring wisely and see that it suits the purpose of the balcony. Edging group placements of potted plants with shingle and rocks will add to the beauty.

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A rocking chair, hammock or swing would be an excellent add on, provided there is space. Seating is extremely important in a balcony, so choose furniture that goes with the style and fits the space without overcrowding it. All weather furniture with slip covers for cushions is a wise choice for open balconies. You may even place a breakfast table or work desk in your balcony to cash in on the view, if any.


Small wrought iron chairs, slatted wooden furniture that are foldable, cane/bamboo/rattan ottomans and chairs (small size) etc are space savers. You may even consider benches and tables that fold up against the wall to save space. Tiered tables with space for planters/artefacts beneath are good for small balconies. For larger balconies, you may consider seating in groups interspersed with plants and other elements.

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Designing a balcony — If your balcony is in the line of view of an indoor space, make sure that all the placements are done in such a way that you may enjoy it from indoors as well.

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Give importance to lighting and install beautiful light fixtures that will enhance the overall setting. Beautiful lighting need not be expensive all the time – inexpensive terracotta pendants with cut work or even cane, bamboo and paper lanterns/ globes/lamps when used imaginatively can transform the space. Rock lights look good when placed amidst a setting of plants. Use dimmers and also candles, especially when you are entertaining.

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A wind chime is indeed a lovely addition to any balcony. A little bird bath is another element that goes well with a green setting. If you are designing your balcony according to a theme, choose artefacts and upholstery that will suit the theme. Also choose the furniture and upholstery accordingly and make sure that the walls and flooring are in sync with the theme.

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Get started and convert your balcony into a smart and stunning space – one that suits your needs; be it a personal retreat or a vibrant space to share with your guests.

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