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Nature and the environment:

Our need to reconnect with nature is becoming even more pronounced. In our homes we seek to bring the outdoors in, even as we become more conscious of eco-friendly aspects of design. In terms of décor, natural materials, precious and semi-precious stones find their way into home accents and surfacing. Sustainable design draws more believers into its fold, moving towards a world where nature is not ravaged to cater for our lifestyle.

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Collaboration and the larger collective:

Architects and interior designers will find much value in working in collaboration and the niche designer will find more opportunities as a part of the larger collective. Design will see a marked shift towards skill and expertise being configured in collaborative networks, providing more comprehensive solutions and recognising the need to find the right professional for a specific task.

Khimsar Jodhpur featured on Prismma

Khimsar Jodhpur featured on Prismma

Walls of wonder:

It’s interesting how walls have become an important part of design expression, even as we seek to break them down figuratively and literally in every other aspect of our lives. These spatial boundaries will no longer be left too bare—from textured faux finishes, intricate stenciling designs to wallpaper, stone cladding and panelling in various materials.

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Comfort and renewal:

The home will be a place to rest, renew, regenerate wearied cells and recuperate from a streaming stress mode in the world outside. This will reveal itself in the interior in terms of comfort being an important element that will be configured into almost every aspect of design. Comfort is the new luxury statement. The ‘recline’ mode will be the aspiration statement and every element that helps us do that even psychologically will find its way into our home. Soothing our senses and calming frayed nerves, the home is a haven.

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Y chromosome influence:

Men are generally taking a far greater interest in the home, even from a design perspective. Actively involved in the decision-making process this trend will find its expression in products and décor as the world of home design lays out the red carpet for this refreshing perspective.

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The slow life:

As we search for a better life many of us are slowly realising that the first step is to ‘slow down’. This changing mindset in the age of fast changing technology and a frenetic pace will find us seeking this first in our own homes. Design will increasingly reflect a need to unwind, rewind and perhaps just ‘not-wind’ for a bit. Comfort will become paramount, while a deeper sense of environmental issues and a consideration of how design impacts the world around us will lead us to make more responsible choices. Quality of life and design will be another marked aspect of this trend.


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