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Shalini Pereira is the principal architect and founder of SPDA. She graduated from A.P.I.E.D, Gujarat, with a degree in Interior Design and thereafter (in 2006) she secured a post-graduate degree in Design Innovation from De Montfort University, U.K. Delhi Architect

This talented designer gathered a wealth of practical knowledge before founding SPDA in the year 2010, working for five years as Senior Designer in DGA (Dipen Gada & Associates) – a renowned firm in Gujarat.

Shalini loves to write about architecture and design and also about food and travel. Her passion for writing finds a creative outlet through her blog – All things Nice.

SPDA has completed many noteworthy projects successfully, under the expert guidance of Shalini. The firm is also associated with many other design studios like Usine Studio (Baroda) and the Architectural Studio (New Delhi).


cabinet top decor SHALINI PEREIRA17

This apartment in Close South, Nirvana Country, Gurgaon, was designed and executed by Shalini Pereira and her team. The project was completed in 18 months with minor civil alterations to the original layout and a complete overhaul of electrical as well as flooring and bathrooms.

entrance decor SHALINI PEREIRA12

The 2600 square feet area was converted into a functional space for the clients – a young family of three, with emphasis on utmost utilisation of the available area. Following the client’s brief, the design was kept contemporary-minimalist – one that steered clear of unnecessary ostentation and clutter, thereby maintaining elegance throughout and maintaining the sleek, clean design.

entrace decor SHALINI PEREIRA2

The entrance has a stylish display – a scattering of small, smooth white rocks alongside two bronze figurines.

door design SHALINI PEREIRA1

The contrasting colours of these two elements enhanced further by the wood panelled wall.

sofa design SHALINI PEREIRA6

The foyer leads to the living area as well as the office. Understated elegance permeates the living space – off-white and neutral tones complementing the contemporary couches.

living room furniture SHALINI PEREIRA4

Cushioned, wooden arm chairs bring in a slight touch of colour and the beautiful Kashmiri rug accentuates it further.

double drapes design SHALINI PEREIRA5

The décor is minimalistic and chic – white walls and stunning marble flooring elevating the classy look. A contemporary coffee table serves to showcase a set of coffee table books, a designer candle with a hint of colour and bowls with fresh flowers.

coffee table design SHALINI PEREIRA27

The colour of these bright orange marigolds seems to infuse the space with warmth. Double drapes – sheers as well as luxurious heavy drapes in a neutral colour, marries well with the décor.

dining room furniture SHALINI PEREIRA9

The living room flows seamlessly into the dining area and also opens out to a balcony.

recessed wall design SHALINI PEREIRA11

Despite the free-flowing plan of the living-dining areas, the layout is cleverly formulated in order to offer a certain level of privacy to the dining space, which is easily accessible from the adjoining kitchen. Contemporary rules the roost throughout this space as well – sleek wooden table and chairs projecting a design sans frills. A recessed wall is beautifully dressed in marble and forms the perfect backdrop for the side-board that shows off a green vase with flowers and few other artefacts to perfection.

sideboard decor SHALINI PEREIRA13

passageway ceiling design SHALINI PEREIRA14

Wooden false ceiling in the passage is eye-catching and makes for interesting design. Lighting in the false ceiling – both wooden and POP, throughout the apartment, creates the right kind of ambience and is noteworthy.

wall shelf design SHALINI PEREIRA16

The servant’s room has been converted into a functional and elegant office room. Sleek cabinets as well as open shelving, beautiful flooring and minimalist yet trendy décor, creates a visually soothing design in this space. The office and the kitchen share a balcony.

coffee table decor SHALINI PEREIRA8

White Italian marble, granite and vitrified tiles dress the floors of this elegant apartment. Along with this, the walls coated with luster paint, wooden and POP false ceilings enhanced by lighting as well as minimalistic yet trendy décor play their part to perfection in creating beautiful and stylish interiors.

wall decor SHALINI PEREIRA24

sideboard design SHALINI PEREIRA10

The niche in the dining room adds an interesting visual element and tone down the dominance of wood, while adding a nuance of colour. The sheer roman blinds allow the space to be bathed in light and keep it bright and airy.

office cabinet design SHALINI PEREIRA15

The cabinetry in the entire home is very contemporary and integrates well with the overall decor of the room. Wood is used effectively as a tactile element bringing in both colour and texture, albeit in a very subtle manner.

headboard design SHALINI PEREIRA18

Wood and frosted glass combination enhances the headboard of the contemporary style bed in the guest bedroom. The pale yellow wall, against which the bed is placed, brings in a refreshing look. There is a touch of red on the bed in the form of a bedcover and cushions. A private balcony adjoining the room is indeed a luxurious advantage!

bay window seating design SHALINI PEREIRA19

The daughter’s bedroom has a bay window with seating, perfectly framed with double drapes. The contemporary bed with a low headboard is in white and so is the bay window seat.

double drapes design SHALINI PEREIRA20

Warmth is infused into this space by engineered wood flooring and a shaded bedcover in bold hues. A compact, built-in study nook is also in white.

headboard design SHALINI PEREIRA21

The bed in the master bedroom has a panelled headboard in textured wood and goes all the way up to the ceiling. Sleek, co-ordinated nightstands and sheer drapes enabling a peek into the adjoining balcony and beyond, add to the visual. Bright red bedspread and cushions against pristine white bed linen, infuses the space with the required zing.

wardrobes design SHALINI PEREIRA22

Built-in wardrobes and study unit complement the contemporary bed design.

bathroom design SHALINI PEREIRA25

The bathroom is also well designed – a large white sink atop a dark counter, dark wooden cabinetry that goes well with the frame of the large mirror as well as the false ceiling. Clear glass shower enclosure, trendy lighting and marble cladding – all go hand in hand in elevating the style.

terrace wall decor SHALINI PEREIRA26

A large terrace, which is well planned, is put to good use. The balconies as well as the terrace help in bringing the outdoors in.

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