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Delhi Architect

A modern relationship in a traditional style, the project is an attempt to see how each element responds to daily changing environment from day to night, how it effects one’s behavior, thought process. The concept is based on the essence of light, air and ventilation;  an attempt to follow a contemporary style with an effort to be close to nature.

Kapil is an artist and all the art in the rooms has been created by him, each to suit the concept in the room, such as the bright modern art in the lobby that brightens up the space and complements the red contemporary armchairs.

lighting design

This 35-year-old Barsati (one bedroom with a terrace) of area 1100 sq ft was renovated to 2 bedroom houses, a private house for Kapil Aggarwal and his wife. The terrace floor is an extended part of a three storey house which is designed as a private studio, the lobby is kept as a small space as the main living and dining is on the first floor, similarly the rear bedroom meant for guest is used more as a design studio by Kapil himself.

The landscaped terrace forms the focus of the design which allows light and natural ventilation into each room and has an earthy colour palette, and an attempt has been made to use elements and colours in a manner to form a cohesive composition.

dining room design

Design concept revolves around the terrace, which had never been used earlier, so Kapil designed all the rooms around it and made it the focal point of the design. A terracotta pot with Tulsi  on a raised platform is placed at the centre of the terrace which connects visually through axis from each space in the house. Big windows opening into the terrace allow for plenty of light and ventilation into the interior space.

bedroom design

The staircase leads to the lobby which has 2 single seaters with an abstract shaped table. Visually, the staircase design extends as a part of lobby itself. The corner over the staircase is used for storage with front shutter in abstract art in vibrant colours.

terrace garden

The front open balcony is covered with a glass sliding door allowing natural light and existing features retained and clad in veneer highlighted with colour in niches created.

bathroom design

The guest bedroom is accessed through the terrace and has a big window, the daylight brightening up the space and the night drawing attention towards the ceiling in peel effect with the cove lighting.

bathroom design

Glass is used extensively in the house and visually connects all the spaces. The glass panel as partition between master bedroom and dining extends the space.

The master bedroom design has minimal furniture with a recliner, ceiling above the bed is in form continuing over the wall highlighted by cove lighting, and modern art on one corner  adds a snazzy appeal. The bedroom connects to the lobby, dining and terrace making it  one cohesive unit, though each space has been designed in different themes.



Furniture design focuses on detail with functional aspect as a priority. The low height master bed has curved edges which is used for seating as well as keeping objects. Round side tables used for storage have light with a similar circular element in the same axis hung on pipes from the ceiling.

delhi architect

The water body and landscaped terrace connects to the dining area which has a full glass panel , the water body on the raised platform is covered on top with glass over metal frame bringing life to the space. The  sound of splashing water and a combination of different lighting adds multiple dimensions as viewed from different spaces.  It is an inspiring place to work, a perfect ambience for meditation in the morning, a place to relax in the evening and also  a great party place at night.

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  1. Hemant Gaekwad says:

    bathroom opens to terrace ? not really clear in the pics

  2. kk says:

    WOW!!! making a green house in true sense is impossible but yes KApil is almost near to it….))

  3. naveen says:

    fabulous home

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