Decorative Mirrors: Ideas and tips by Lively Wood

mirror design Sonia Hampi 8A mirror is a popular, utilitarian and aesthetic accent that can transform any space. Add a little embelishment and a decorative wall  mirror always makes you happy. I love creating decorative mirrors and they are often inspired by my travels or reflect something I saw on a street or sometimes even a story that touched my heart. Here, I will talk about some of the mirrors that I handcrafted using very simple methods and at a fairly low-cost.


Decorating Ideas

During my travel to Hampi, I found that the most important metal used during those times was copper or peetal.

This place was also full of temples where spoons, diyas and lanterns of copper were abundant.

Therefore, I decided to dedicate my tall, green mirror to the temples and the common man of Vijayanagara.

In 2009, I visited Sikkim for 15 days. Venturing into the remotest areas bordering Tibet. The experience was divine. I noticed a lot of hotels, restaurants, shops were called “Tashi Delek”. In fact, the hotel we stayed at was called “Tashi Delek” meaning ‘may good luck come to you’ in Bhutia. As soon as I got got home, “Tashi Delek” had to be on my mirror!

DIY Decor India

mirror design Sonia Hampi 4


Sonia Hampi 7

Eva La RosaHorn OK Please

How can we ignore the lovely slow moving trucks of our country? They are bright, bold and gorgeous. I can say they are the “shaan” (pride) of India. So, I dedicated an entire mirror to these giant beauties of India

Mirrors & Cabinets



As you can see, my travels, experiences and childhood memories have inspired a collection of colourful mirrors that not only add an aesthetic value to my walls and décor but connect me to a story every time I see them.


Sonia Revankar loves colour and it inspires her the most. An everyday scene — the mélange of colours  on a hand-cart of a guy selling fruits or vegetables or a villager wearing a bright red turban against his brown skin— makes her want to create and apply it to design in her own fashion. The saga of colours is everywhere and that’s the base of her inspiration. The reason why she started furniture designing and painting is to be able to share and make people understand the power of colour and realise how much of it affects our mood and ambience in the one place we find ourselves comfortable – our homes.

Her website : Lively Wood 

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