Frame that window: Curtain design and window treatments

Window treatments usually occupy a great deal of visual space, are in direct line of sight, and will get your attention. It should create a mood, make a statement, or draw focus on a view. While you may spend considerable time contemplating the design, at the end it should look effortless and integrate with the décor of the room.

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Curtain design and window treatments


If the view from the window is good, use the lightest sheer that keeps away the direct glare of sunlight. On the other hand, if you have a bit of an eyesore to deal with (which is usually the case in the cities we live in), or another building facing your window, then a textured stripe or check fabric works best.


The fabric should have an excellent drape that focuses on style without fuss. For formal areas a heavy drape with good pleats is an important aspect. For blinds choose a fabric that has a grip on its form. For sheers a whimsical flow always works well.


Simple drapery poles in a copper finish with nice ends stress the elegance of form. Hardware is an important feature of window treatment design. Quality is important and simple elegance is always a winner.

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Cecil Oberoi in Shimla

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In a room with heavy furniture and few accessories, like a dining room or a study, the window treatments should make a statement and bring some colour into the room. The style of the furniture, the flooring, wood finish, and wall colour would dictate the window treatment to a large extent.


By contrast, in a room where there are already a lot of furnishings, like a living room or a bedroom, take great care to ensure the window treatments find resonance with the décor of the entire room and there is a thread of continuity in colour, pattern and texture.


Try and install the drapes at maximum height possible to create a feeling of subtle opulence and make a space look bigger. To make a window look wider extend the poles beyond the window and create a bigger frame.

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Home: Miss Mustard Seed: Marian Parsons


A curtain well done will accentuate the desirable architectural features and camouflage the shortcomings in the interior. Embellishments must work with the general scheme of the room whether it is minimalist or opulent.

Small windows

By and large, for smaller windows, blinds are generally a better option. They keep the look simple and the need to use full-length curtains is reserved for formal areas. A blind does not have to be just one flat piece of fabric. There are a whole host of opportunities to exercise one’s creativity.

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