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Home decorating style

My décor style is simple and comes straight from the heart. My inspirations come from the books I read, movies, shows, people, seasons – I’ve learnt that inspiration comes without warning and the maximum you can do is try and store it in your memory!

Home decorating styles are as different as the individual doing the decorating. I don’t believe I have or follow any particular design styles or design rules. I go where the creative train takes me – that’s always the most fun! Saying that, I think shocking pink blends perfectly with purple, or Indian themed décor merges flawlessly with contemporary design. My home is a reflection of me and my design / décor style – fusions of all the things I love. Decorating my living room is amongst my favourite pastimes. I arrange and re-arrange and am always on the hunt to change, improve and add to the little details that complete the look as a whole. This leads me to seek out global concepts, ideas and culture and bring them home. All these little bits and pieces contribute to my design style. I’m a huge fan of the British Indian style of décor – the era where décor reflected both the English love for dark wood and heavy draperies along with typical Indian motifs and materials.

Home decorating style

The most important design element to me will always be ‘Colour’.

It’s easy to experiment with and voila, you become your own artist – the unique kind. One way is harmonising your décor with either a fusion of colours or a dash of a single bright colour… something that your eyes want to see every day! Some of the most important interior design elements around my home, are painted walls (even if its just a few murals on the wall – ie butterflies in the kids room, or a complete wall painted in one colour, or a dramatic fresco on a complete wall). Candles and fragrances play an important role in a clutter free home. They look great and create relaxing atmospheres, which we all need! Add to the home mix; a few books, musical instruments, fountain (or other water bodies), fairy lights or other unusual form of lighting, a wooden element here and there – and your home will have a warm, cozy, almost effortless feel to it.

Home decorating style

Another favourite with me is cushions. I’ve been lucky enough to find special character cushions, which, when placed in prime locations around the house, are fun, dramatic and pleasant conversation pieces as well!

I love home design projects and try to do a few every once in a while – potted plants, paintings and photographs, bookshelves – you name it.

I’ve learnt that there’s always something pretty to do, some corner of my home that could use a gentle shuffle, some picture in my head that’s waiting to be painted!

I like to think of my interior design blog as my window to the creative breeze of the world. There’s something beautiful to admire, create or share, every single day. That alone is enough to keep me hunting for more colour every single day!!

Do drop by my blog sometime – I hope my colours inspire you as well!

Written by Patricia Torres at Colours Dekor



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  1. SANDHYA MAJHI says:

    Designs are heart touching.I was in search of such designs in Indian traditional style which can be accomodated in a low cost small space middle class home.The designs displayed here are reflecting my requirement to some extent. My request is for more such designs which can be followed by any middle class household.

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