Colour in interior decor: Using it to destress: Vasudha Narasimhan

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Stress is that unwanted element which pops up time and again as we race through life in today’s hi-tech complicated world. Of course, there are various programmes to de-stress one’s body, mind and soul. But, what better place than home sweet home to unwind at the end of the day?

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Colour in interior decor: As an interior designer, I am often asked questions about the psychological effect of colours. I strongly believe that colours have the power to instantly enliven any space and evoke particular feelings. I would like to discuss a few points here to help you create a stress-free ambience using various colour schemes. So, let’s get started and think of some colour schemes that are easy to put together giving instant results.

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The first step to creating a stress-free ambience is to make a list of the requirements for your dream setting. What relaxes you the most?  Do you prefer cool colours that evokes a light, airy and spacious look or darker tones that have a warm and cosy effect? Once this is ascertained you have crossed the first hurdle.

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As de-stressing is the motive, I recommend simple colours. Too many patterns, bright and bold colours are a definite no-no for this setting. However, self-motifs and various textures form an interesting mix.

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Do not be in a hurry to jump on the bandwagon and follow trends blindly. Remember to create an ambience that you personally associate with.

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Light and cool colours open up the area, visually enlarging the room. They reflect light and infuse an airy feeling, like the colours of the sea.

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An all-white scheme would be a good option with a few accents in pastels thrown in. The advantage of this scheme being a whole new look achieved with the slightest alteration.

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Another option is to tone down bright and bold colours in interior decor. By toning down, I mean using bold and bright colours with a touch of brown or black in them.

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For example, a brick red which is a mix of brown and red would be a better option compared to a bright red. Earthy colours mellow the look. An important point to remember while creating this style is to keep the wall colour constant. By creating feature walls (one wall in dark colour and the rest in lighter colour), you could change the entire look as well as the ambience of a room.

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Imagine the ideal space, that special corner in your home where you can unwind after a hectic schedule. Go ahead, unleash the designer in you and create your beautiful space…. to de- stress and rejuvenate you.

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indian design bloggerVasudha Narasimhan is a fun loving person who has a great passion for the most creative things in life. She did a 2 year Diploma in Interior Design from Ireland and is now a freelancer. She also teaches at various design institutes and conducts workshops on specific design concepts.

She runs the popular blog – Cherishing Spaces

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