Choices For Textured Walls


By Rachna Tiwari

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Texturing surfaces is perhaps best described as an art where the visual and tactile quality of the surface adds considerable value to an interior framework. The materials and artistry affect our sense of touch and sight in equal measure. It is a decorative design tool which incorporates colours, patterns and materials to add a powerful and beautiful dimension to walls and other surfaces.

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Generally, people limit textures to a feature wall using paints. There are other materials and methods that are overlooked. Textures can be used effectively to create impressive spaces.

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Textured effects with paints can add visual interest to monochromatic walls. For example, walls painted in a sea green colour with just one wall highlighted with a petal design with tinges of green creating a textured effect, can enhance the décor. Bold geometric forms with wood panelling or fine linen as a textured backdrop can make even the most boring space look alive.

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Conservative use of texture showcases similar tactile elements throughout the space – when they do create contrasts, it is usually along a gradient, with two textures slowly melting into one another. On the contrary, in contemporary styles bolder use of textures is evident. Contrasting elements like steel, aluminium, stone or unfinished brickwork are used as contrasting elements for textured surfaces in modern designs. This may be coupled with silk or satin drapes and rubber wood furniture.

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Mix and match rough and smooth textures with dark and light colours for a trendy look. Wood panelling is preferred by many – it adds warmth and style to the space. Bold textured walls are best complemented by subtle flooring, toned down upholstery and other architectural details that are not too jarring. This way the room will not look over decorated.

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Hand painted artwork on the walls, attractive fabric panels and use of paints and glazes in various hues with artistic lighting can enhance textured effects.

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Pattern is another way of incorporating texture into the décor – say, a flat surface with coarse texture of wood grains. Leather panelling on walls can create a dramatic effect – paired with visually bright wall paper for the rest of the space.

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Texture is an efficient tool – when used cleverly and artistically it can create beautiful spaces that exude oodles of style.

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